Monthly Archives: March 2015

Paul Edmonds at London Fashion Week

Once again British designers showed why the world looks to London for groundbreaking innovation and pizzazz offset by perfectly tailored elegance. Paul Edmonds hair stylists and nail technicians were of course in the thick of it, working closely with the best of British fashion to create new and original looks. PAUL EDMONDS X JJS LEE […]

The Next Big Trend – The Coupe

Paul Edmonds international hair stylist to the likes of Sam Smith, Emma Thompson, Mary Charteris and Bip Ling,  tips The Coupe as the trend to watch for 2015. The Coupe is a modern version of the bob that first shouted its independence in the 1920s, today’s version has been updated for this generation of Girl […]

Paul Edmonds goes global with superstar Sam Smith

Sam Smith has been coming to Paul Edmonds for years and over that time they have become great friends. He has, quite rightly (ahem), called Paul his ‘Hair God’! It was Paul who created his signature quiff is perfectly coiffed quiff that is now as recognisable on the red carpet, as are his dulcet tones on […]


Paul Edmonds has always loved modern art, with a particular passion for Rothko, Richter and Quinn. So we were delighted to attend the opening party for the Bear Witness Auction Exhibition at Sotheby’s in Bond Street. It was a decidedly glamorous affair and it was fun to meet up with some of our clients that […]