Monthly Archives: August 2018

Bespoke Hairstyles To Suit Your Face Shape

We have all done the trick when we look in the mirror – pull your hair back and try to work out which face shape you are! But did you know that different hairstyles suit either heart, square or oval-shaped faces? It’s definitely not one rule for all! Mr Paul Edmonds, UK Shu Uemura brand ambassador from Paul Edmonds… Read More »

SkinCeuticials Glycolic 10% | The Overnight Peel

In our skin series, we have previously explained the benefits of peels and the differences between the various AHAs and BHAs.There are lots of great post procedure and skin maintenance products available and in particular Glycolic acid has recently been included in some great product launches at Paul Edmonds London. What is Glycolic Acid? And… Read More »