Coppers and toffees: expert colourist shows you how to make warm blondes last longer

Everyone's hot for warm blonde shades this season. Toffee blonde and copper blonde are the top hair colour trends for SS22, and it's easy to see why! They're wonderfully warm, sun-kissed, and decidedly different. It's no surprise that celebs like Kendall Jenner, Phoebe Dynevor, and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted wearing the trend.

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Warm blondes may look sublime fresh out of the salon, but it can be tricky to maintain the colour and condition in the weeks following your appointment. Because 'care' is the Paul Edmonds ethos, we asked our colour technician Joe to dish details on maintaining copper and toffee blonde shades. So, say 'bye-bye' to brassiness and 'farewell' to fade because your colour is here to stay! 

Top challenges for copper and toffee blonde colours

Every hair hue comes with its own specific set of colour preservation challenges. You might find that your natural colour, natural hair texture, and home routine also have an impact on how long your colour lasts.

"The main challenges for this season's tones of golden copper and toffee blondes are fade; dull, lifeless hair; and shine," says Joe. 

"Hair colour fade is a big issue. Warm blondes don't last long with extra factors like blow-drying, tonging, UV rays, and lifestyle. When they start to fade, the colour becomes dull and lifeless."

Colour fade can happen when the dye pigments inside your hair shaft are compromised. As Joe points out, heated styling and environmental factors can contribute to this. They cause the colour molecules to oxidise, which results in unwanted brassy tones. Over-washing can also speed up colour fade — water swells the hair shaft, opens the cuticle, and dilutes the pigment inside.  

So, how can you wash, style, and sunbathe freely without worrying about losing your super-hot summer shade?

copper and toffee

Joe's coloured hair product picks

The first step in long-lasting salon colour is a proper colour-specific home care ritual. Luckily, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Joe says: "here at Paul Edmonds London, we use a few different ranges to care for coloured blonde hair. Davines and Kérastase are some of the best."

Pigment restoration: Davines Alchemic

"The Davines Alchemic range can help with fade — it's a range of shampoos and conditioners that add pigment into the hair and refresh the colour," says Joe. "I'd recommend Tobacco for toffee blonde hair and Copper for copper blonde hair."

The Alchemic family helps boost natural and synthetic shades using eco-friendly formulas to deposit pigment into the hair. They contain jojoba oil to deeply hydrate, so lustre is restored. 

Colour care: Kérastase Chroma Absolu

There can be no better homecare range for coloured hair than Chroma Absolu by Kérastase. It's their first multi-healing acid care range, formulated to reduce colour fade, control frizz, and stop oxidation.

"Chroma Absolu is an antioxidant and a colour protector. It's not pigmented, but it's what we advise for coloured hair," says Joe. 

"Each range is specific to colour, hair density, and circumstances," says Joe. "I'd recommend booking a consultation at our salons, and we'll make a personalised hair care plan for you to help make sure you're investing in the right range."

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You can also use a dry shampoo to help cut back on washing, opt for a heat protection product when you style with heat, and think about investing in finishing products that contain UV protection, like Kérastase Reflection Fluide Chromatique

Care tips: how to make your colour last longer


Now that you're armed with the right products, you'll need to know how to look after your coloured hair at home and in the salon. Joe reveals his styling and washing tips, plus the salon treatments that'll keep coppers and toffees looking lush.

Colour care at home

Joe's first and most important tip is to visit a salon for bespoke advice on caring for your coloured hair at home. As he's pointed out — everyone's hair is different, and every colour is different, so tailored advice is crucial if you want your colour to last.

"If visiting the salon isn't easy for you, our online shop has all the home care products you'll need. They're organised according to hair type, so just select products for coloured hair to find what you need," Joe says. 

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"Wash with a shampoo and conditioner formulated for coloured hair. Then, rinse with cold water to shut the cuticle and lock everything in," says Joe. "I'd also recommend reducing how often you use hot tools and always use a heat protector when you style."  

Joe also recommends regularly visiting us here at the Paul Edmonds London blog. He says, "this is where me and my colleagues give tips and tricks plus the latest products."

Colour care at Paul Edmonds London

Visiting Joe and the team at our Paul Edmonds London salons is a great way to get the precise colour you want, plus the specialist treatments and advice you'll need to keep it looking vibrant.

"We provide a thorough consultation before any colour service," says Joe, "I always recommend a Glaze and Gloss treatment mid-appointment because it refreshes the tone and adds shine."

"You can maintain your colour by working with the home care plan given to you by your colour technician and by visiting the salon for Glaze and Gloss treatments in-between colour service appointments."

Have you warmed up to copper and toffee blondes? Book your colour service today and get bespoke advice from our expert team. Already have the hue? Book a consultation with Joe and the team, or start shopping for coloured hair care now.