Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon Cyrnos Room Spray


Cire Trudon's signature scents are available as a room spray, designed to be locked within a large reeded glass bottle and silk atomiser, handmade in Tuscany, 
The flamboyant upper crust of early 20th century high society of Queens, poets and artist would meet in the shade of fig trees and parasol pines, welcomed in the aromatic citrus garden of the sunny Crynos Villa, benefitting from the Roqubrune's air of scented lavender combined with dry aromas of Provance, the guests would enjoy the stunning views and the easy life so typical of the blue Mediterranean shores.

High Notes

Lemon, Myrtle, Thyme

Middle Notes

Black fig, Cedarwood, Lavender, Pine

Low Notes

Cashmere Wood, Musk, Patchouli

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