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Heliocare Advanced Ultra-D Oral Capsules 30qty


Heliocare® Ultra Oral Capsules supplements contain high levels of Fernblock®. Take the supplement in the morning and repeat 4-6 hours later for antioxidant protection “from within”.

The Heliocare Oral Capsules are best used in combination with other SPF Heliocare products during the times of the year when you’re at risk of exposure to UV, which can be related to outdoor work, travel, summer and winter holidays, following medical procedures or due to medical conditions.

  • Features

    Heliocare Advanced Ultra-D Oral Capsules provide protection from free radical damage from the sun to the skin from within. The formula contains antioxidants of Fernblock, Vitamin C, E, lycopene and Vitamin D. It is ideal for the individual that suffers from prickly heat (polymorphic light eruption - PLE), the red blotchy skin irritation caused when the skin is exposed to the sun. Provides protection from UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A damage, with added ingredient Lutein which helps protect the eyes from the sun. It is not a replacement to topical SPF but is ideally used in combination.
  • Instructions

    Take one capsule of Heliocare advanced ultra-D oral capsules daily and use in combination with topical Heliocare SPF Gels or creams. Ensure you remain within the recommended daily consumption as ultra-D oral capsules are not a substitute for a varied or balanced diet.