Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi-permanent make up enhances your natural beauty, saves precious time and ensures that you always look your best.

Our professional make up artists use non-invasive, controlled techniques to create subtle enhancements to the brows, eyes and lips. We also offer brow reconstruction where needed as a result of over-plucking, alopecia or chemotherapy.

All semi-permanent make up treatments include a complimentary follow-up appointment up to six weeks after your initial visit. Further top-ups cost extra and are required 6-18 months later, depending on how well your skin ‘holds on’ to the pigment applied.

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Lips can lose definition and colour with age. Semi-permanent make up will restore their natural shape and sensuous beauty, adding volume and creating symmetry for that perfect smile. Both of the techniques that we offer will help to stop lipstick ‘bleeding’ into the fine lines around the mouth.Lip Liner – a natural or defined lip contour to enhance or correct natural shape.

Lip Blush – once the outline has been enhanced, liner is blended all over the lips to create a subtle wash of colour.

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Well-applied eyeliner defines your eyes and makes lashes appear fuller. With permanent eyeliner you can have that beautiful definition every day, without it smudging or wearing off. A fine line is applied along the top, bottom or both sets of lashes to create either a natural or dramatic look. This is a great treatment for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers who want to avoid the irritation caused by applying and removing eyeliner every day.
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Your eyebrows frame your face, so it’s important that they are even, well-defined and immaculately groomed. With semi-permanent make up, we can create perfectly shaped, full brows that won’t disappear when you swim, sweat or shower.
After establishing the right shape with an eyebrow pencil, your practitioner will colour-match and apply make up using one of three techniques to create realistic, natural-looking brows. We can add definition and volume, make uneven brows look symmetrical and restore brows lost through alopecia, illness or the ageing process.Fine Hair Stroke Technique – make up is applied using a machine or with a hand tool. Either process delivers a natural effect, although with the machine the strokes can merge slightly to give a realistic, ‘fluffy’ appearance. With both, your practitioner will use the finest nano-needle technology to mimic natural eyebrow hair.Microblading – the latest trend to hit the UK. Pigment is carefully applied to the top layer of skin using a precision hand tool, which allows your practitioner to ‘feather’ the colour so that it mimics the natural appearance of real hairs.Powder – if you prefer a fuller, more defined ‘block’ of colour, this technique is for you. We mimic the appearance of your usual brow make up, whether powder or pencil, using a soft shading technique to achieve perfectly defined and groomed brows.
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