Micro Balayage Afro – A Paul Edmonds How To

At Pro Hair Live in Manchester this year Senior Stylist Siobhan worked with Jack Howard to create a series of stunning look that highlighted the colour techniques that we use in the salon.

Balayage was brought to the UK by Jack Howard and has become the single most popular and effective trend. For this model Jack used the technique of micro balayage which takes small sections of hair and adds soft natural highlights around the face. Siobhan, with her large celebrity client list, was just the person to create something show stopping  with this rich bruntette hair.

Micro balayage Afro by Jack Howard and Siobhan for ProHair Live 2016

Micro balayage Afro by Jack Howard and Siobhan for ProHair Live 2016

HOW TO by Siobahn

  1. Wash hair but do not apply conditioner, apply L’Oreal Professional Pli and rough dry the hair.
  2. Using small sections wrap the hair around a long two pronged pin in a figure of 8 method. Once all that section of hair is around the pin secure with a small elastic band to keep the hair in place.
  3. Use straighteners on a medium heat to heat the hair around the pin helping it set. Repeat this process over the whole head of hair and leave it over nights.
  4. To take out, remove the elastiv and unravel the hair from the pin.
  5. Once they have all been removed use fingers to pull apart each section to create a textured Afro.
  6. As the hair gets bigger, any pieces that sit separate from the rest can be back combed into place.
  7. The front sections tend to be heavier around the face, so back coming was need to keep the hair sitting up, away from the face.
  8. The look was finished off using Shu Umeura’s Sheer Lacquer Spray to fix it in place.
Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds

Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds

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Siobhan Baynes

Siobhan Baynes, Senior Stylist

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