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Catherine, Lizzie and Siobhan, made up the Paul Edmonds London dream team for the latest #BNTM photoshoot. The team arrived on set to create dream like hair for the girls to model for Ghost Fragrances. This shoot was the first shoot the girls had to do with their new makeovers…read more for styling tips, behind the scenes photos and even career opportunities at our luxury hair and beauty emporium!

Get The Look | Ghost

The day began with Catherine ensuring Louise Rigley, Senior Brand Manager from Ghost fragrance was  camera ready.

To get Louise’s look start by prepping your hair with Shu Uemura Blow Dry Beautifier to protect from heat, smooth & tame wild locks and memorise your styling shape to easily recreate again your style again before your next cleanse. Start by blow drying the top into curls and clip to hold to create volume. If you have a fringe ensure your blow dry the hair to shape your face. To create a beach wave look, tong the bottom into curls and pull the hair down while the hair is hot to create a loose but structured curl. Continue to do the same by working around the head, styling in sections. To ensure your locks hold, use Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray, if you would like your locks to hold longer, tong the hair a lot tighter to allow time for the hair to drop.

hairstyling london

Catherine styling Louise

When the girls arrived, they faced a cheeky twist. The girls were spilt into two groups and had two different briefs from Louise. Group one modelled the Ghost fragrance White Light and group two represented Deep Night. The two different styles meant that the team had to style from two different briefs…

White Light | For Everyday

The girls who modelled for white light had their locks styled in a soft, natural looking way that may incorporate a braid/plait. The hair needed movement but also structure. Louise wanted the hair to look like the girls had style themselves while coming across fun and girly.

Deep Night | For Night

The Deep Night girls required a slick back but natural look, think Kendal Jenner on the red carpet. This look was far more sensual.

The Photoshoot

Louise new exactly how she wanted the girls to look. Throughout the day she was very involved with the Paul Edmonds London team in creating the image she new the brand wanted.The hair had to hold but with minimal product, this really showed the hairstyling teams high expertise.

On set the girls first task was to get into their safety harnesses while having a safety chat with the team. The girls put on sexy harness knickers and were pulled into the air and their aim was to balance on a suspended moon. Behind the camera the photographer was placed on a sky jack to ensure he was the same height as the girls allowing him to get the perfect shot.

The girls had to keep their balance while striking their poses elegantly to bring both perfumes to life, both night and day. The girls had to fight to keep their poses against the added features of a smoke machine, lights and a wind machine… a hair stylists worst nightmare!!

This shoot was slightly different…it was the first time the girls were allowed to watch each other! That really pilled on the pressure… the girls really had to fight to stand out working especially working their new makeovers!


The Look Book | Final Ghost Photos

White Light

Deep Night

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