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Week 6 of the competition saw the girls in for yet another shock. Britain’s Next Top Model have really brought it this year haven’t they?! Throughout the series we have seen the girls say how much they miss their boyfriends and in fact, this series has topped previous with the girls nearly all having other halves. This week really put the girls through their paces as they were told they would be kissing a male model for their latest photoshoot…cue DRAMA!

This week the girls shot for Carmex, a traditional lip care brand that launch back in 1937. Carmex is a regular staple on high street shelves that ranges in different flavours, packaging and purpose. The red and yellow coloured brand specialises in ensure lips are plumped, soft and kissable! And this is what the girls delivered on set throughout this shoot.

The Brand | Carmex

Polly, one of our fabulous cutting and styling experts at Paul Edmonds London, prepped the beautiful brand representatives from Carmex ensuring they were camera ready. Polly created a look for each of the ladies, one soft and wavy while the other was sleek and chic.

Soft and Wavy 

To create this look at home, separate the hair into workable sections starting from the back and bottom layers of hair. Prep by applying a couple of drops of Shu Uemura Essence Absolue to mid- lengths and ends to product locks from heat. Tong the hair and clip to hold into place. Clipping the hair in a roll, while the hair is hot will ensure that the curl stays in for longer. Continue this process around the head and spray to hold with Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray. Gently remove the clips and loosely pull down on the ends to create a relaxed curl.

Sleek and Chic 

To begin apply Shu Uemura Satin Design to towel dried hair to allow for a polished silky finish. Follow up separating locks into workable sections, depending on the thickness of your hair will depend on how many sections you will need to create. Take a round brush and blow dry the hair using the brush to pull hair down. Follow this method around the head, taking each section. When it comes to the front, pull the brush to shape the face, allowing hair to fall naturally.

Glam Time | Paul Edmonds London

When the girls arrived we got them straight into hair and make up. The brief this week was for the girls to look young, chic and playful & their hair needed to incorporate a braid. Polly, Lizzie and Matilda made up this week’s fabulous team of experts from Paul Edmonds, hair and beauty salon London and got to work, ensuring the models were camera and kiss ready! Let’s take a look at hair and make up…

Get The Look | Braids

Select a part of the hair that you wish to braid and use a comb to section the area. Clip the rest of the hair out of the way to ensure you are working with a streamline area. To start the braid, separate the selected area into three strands, starting from the front. Take one side of the braid (left side for example) and hold this with your thumb and fore finger. Cross this stand over to the middle and follow by doing the same with the other side (right side). Continue this method moving backwards/ down and each time take an additional strand from both the left hand side and then the right. Once the braid is complete secure with a small elastic. If you like the tight braid look, spray the finish look with Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray, if you prefer a more boohoo look, gently pull stands loose taking one side at a time.

On Set | Behind The Scenes

The girls had a super cool set that was completely on the Carmex brand. The girls had to use both the male model and retro bike to get the shot they needed to stay in the competition.

Final Images | Carmex

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