Britain’s Next Top Model | Makeovers ft. Paul Edmonds London


It’s the day that the fabulous Paul Edmonds London team of experts have been waiting for..MAKEOVERS! From cutting to styling, to colouring to waxing, the entire glam squad is on the case. The team arrived bright and early, Paul was first on set to ensure Abbey was camera-ready before announcing the girls’ makeover fate.

Get The Look | Abbey 

Paul gave abbey a simple up-do for an effortless but elegant finish. Paul finished Abbey’s look with Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer finishing spray.

Makeovers | BNTM Bootcamp

Paul briefed the team by explaining his vision and ideas for each of the girls. Prior to the day Paul created mood boards for each of the girls showing cuts, colour and style options to transform the girls from high street to high fashion. Abbey Clancy, close friend and client of Paul Edmonds London, has a very close relationship with our team and was there every step of the way in creating the girls’ new looks.

Hairstyling Knightsbridge

Mr Edmonds briefing the team with Abbey

Hairstyling Knightsbridge

Paul Edmonds London with client and friend Abbey Clancy

The girls arrived at a warehouse in Southwalk, London, now known as model boot camp and they received their first shock of the day. The girls stood in front of numbered paintings, each showcasing a different look, as a moment of panic crossed each of the girls’ face. The warehouse was filled with anticipation surrounding whose look was whose! Abbey announced the numbers and allocated them to each girl. Tears instantly rolled down the wanna be models’ faces! Colour, cuts, fringes and chops were on the menu but not all of the girls liked what they saw!

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 16.10.46

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 16.13.05

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 16.12.26

The Makeovers | Paul Edmonds London

The Paul Edmonds London team were off! Let’s take a look at what the team do best…

Paul Edmonds London

Paul giving Efi the chop

Paul Edmonds London

#PEloves Ivy

Celebrity hairdresser london

Mr Edmonds styling Efi

hairstylist london

Tamsin facing the big chop with Paul and Abbey…she’s in very safe hands!

hairstyling london

The biggest makeover of series 12! Wow you go Kira #PEloves

Makeovers | The Reveal & Reactions


Martha did not complain once…she was amazing!

Martha wanted a hair cut and re-style and that’s exactly what we did! The heaviness was taken out of her hair for a fresh healthy expensive look. Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London worked his balayage magic, finishing off with a dash of light pink, giving Martha a slightly edgy look.

Martha’s reaction? She was very happy with it, although her face did not really show it! Abbey told her to work on her expressions and if she’s happy…show it!

Cut by Emma

Balayage and colour (pink) by Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London


Ivy was extremely worried from the offset. The painting showed her to be an icy beauty but she was VERY timid about the whole situation. We wanted to fill her with confidence by brightening her hair and giving her that model oomph!

Ivy’s Reaction? She LOVED it! Her amazing pale skin is a totally unique selling point for her as a model.

Cut by Catherine

Pre lighten and colour for an icy look by Steven, assisted by Lizzie.

Cirrah Leah

When she heard strawberry blonde, ginger hair immediately went through her mind! She was overwhelmed and had tears rolling down her face as she took to the chair of international colourist Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London. She did not need to worry as she was in expert hands!

Her reaction? She absolutely loved it!

Colour by Jack Howard assisted by Matilda

Nails by Shanice


Louisa did not want the chop and she certainly let everyone know about it!  But the experts knew what would give her that model edge.  Her hair was dead and damaged from previous colour and we wanted to ensure she left with a healthy modern glow!

Louisa’s Reaction? Well…she was not very impressed.

Cut by Polly

Colour by Vernon

Blow dry by Emma

Nails by Shanice


It was Efi’s birthday and what better present than a hair cut with Mr Edmonds himself! The cut definitely suits her and she was so happy with it on the day… we actually had some happy tears!

Her reaction? Efi loves her sexy and sassy look!

Cut by Paul

Colour by Steven


She always gave us the impression that she was up for anything and makeover day was no exception! She didn’t have too much of a change but the slight colour change and shaping definitely gave her that model look!

Her reaction? WOW stylish! Shaunagh loved it.

Colour by Vernon

Nails by Shanice


Tamsin was terrified as soon as she saw that her hair was going short! It was hard to even get her into makeover bootcamp! Finally, after words with Abbey and Paul she took to her seat.

Cut by Paul

Amazingly, Tamsin donated her pony tail to the Little Princess Trust, a charity we love to support at Paul Edmonds London.

Her reaction? Tamsin was crying again but because of how happy she was! She said she may even prefer it once she gets used to it. We think it looks much healthier and more glossy.


Kira definitely had the most dramatic change! She was initially overwhelmed and found it very hard to sit in the chair. After a few pep talks and motivational speeches she took to Paul’s seat. Her ponytail was completely cut off and her long locks were gone. She couldn’t bear to look in the mirror! As the makeover developed and colour was added, she developed into a model. She looked absolutely stunning and her facial features popped! The chop was definitely worth it Kira! She also donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust… amazing!

Cut by Paul

Colour by Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London

Her reaction? Kira’s smile says it all, so was super happy with the result.

Abbey loved her look and told Kira ‘you can work this, it’s why I gave it ya!’


Eleanor was super lucky…it was her second makeover with the fantastic Paul Edmonds London team… who’s jealous? We took Eleanor shorter than before (she even requested it!) Polly added extensions to her fringe and generally made her hair a lot more modern and fresh!

Her reaction? Eleanor LOVED it! Totally channelling ‘Victoria Beckham’ vibes!

Cut and extenstions by Polly

Colour by Vernon


Sophia was worried that she was too normal and too much the girl next door type. So, we were determined to make her model material! We added a fringe and took the length shorter, giving her look a modern edge.

Cut by Lizzie

Her reaction? Sophia loved it! She has been in the bottom two twice and is now hoping that with her new look she can work it and survive the competition.

Cut by Paul

Nails by Aph

Makeovers | Makeup & Styling

Once the model hair makeover was complete, the girls were rushed into makeup to complete stage two of model boot camp! The fabulous make-up team transformed the girls’ faces to mirror their new hair transformation!

Stage 3 consisted of the girls meeting Bernard Conolly, renowned fashion stylist. Assisted by Abbey, he selected an outfit to complement the girls’ new look! It’s fair to say he has a wardrobe that the girls could only dream of!

Stage 4 saw model bootcamp come to an end with the big reveal! It was time to put the girls in front of the mirror and show them their new model look!

Makeover Bootcamp complete!

Makeover Bootcamp complete!

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