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The Paul Edmonds London hairstyling experts had so much fun prepping the BNTM girls for their photoshoot with Spectrum Collections. Spectrum Collections specialise in professional make up brushes that perform both from the comfort of your make up mirror at home to behind the scenes of well-known brand photoshoots. Spectrum ensure their brushes are fit for purpose but also beautifully designed & to provide an edgy but girly look to your make up bag!

You may recognise these fabulous brushes as the have previously made an appearance on TV shows such as Made in Chelsea and The X Factor. This week saw Spectrum hit Britain’s Next Top Model and of course, Paul Edmonds London, were the expert hairstylists behind the locks!

Spectrum was an easy choice for the BNTM team as the brand are PETA registered, something the girls learnt all about in week 3. The unicorn inspired brushes are also Vegan trademarked cruelty free. All Spectrum products are made from the highest quality synthetic hair…they’re literally amazing!

As the team arrived and they definitely wondered where they were! The hairstyling experts and the behind the scenes BNTM team walked straight into a mannequin factory…Britain’s Next Top Model always brought the surprises. It was then when the girls were told that they would be posing like dolls in boxes. Each box would be themed as a different collection of spectrum brushes. The girls worked one of three looks; pink, mermaid or marble and the glam team worked together in ensuring these looks came to life!

Glam Time

This photoshoot allowed the team to be really creative in styling looks for the girls. Eleanor got her long locks back from series 11 for one shoot only as the Paul Edmonds team added two hair pieces to each side of Eleanor’s head. A long curl was added to the ends of her locks to ensure she had the ‘doll like’ look. Cirrah-Leah lost her curls this week and the team styled a glamorous blow dry to complement her already given glam wardrobe selection. Shaunagh received a look that completely shaped her face, with her complementing swimsuit, this gave her a look only a mermaid could dream of! The team gave Ivy a fabulous head piece that would ensure she stood out from the crowed. With a tonged loose beachy look, Ivy looked completely striking. Efi’s now shorter locks were styled like a doll and finished with a sparkly Alice band while Sophia had a stylish red carpet style up-do.

The team’s favourite look of the day was Martha. As our team of styling experts took Martha’s hair pink on #MAKEOVERS they knew her hair would work for a style to really wow the camera! Martha got a 50’s style baby doll ponytail, finished with a pink bow and we think she looked amazing! Mr Edmonds also loved this look and wanted to share with you how to achieve this at home…just watch our get the look video here for more!

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To achieve hair that pops like the girls this week, the Paul Edmonds team have put together their top three MUST HAVE products for you to purchase this week. The team love them so much that they are even giving you 25% off your online purchases with code BNTMBODY…click here to shop Now.

Purchase the Shu Uemura Blow Dry Beautifier, the multi benefit blow dry cream that smooths and tames frizz. This key BB cream will remember the looks your create, ensuring that your can re-style them with ease over and over. Perfect for Cirrah-Leah’s glamorous blow dry.

For coloured hair like Martha’s the team of experts know that the Shu Uemura Color Lustre cleansing and conditioning package is perfect for you. Shu Uemura Color Lustre helps to lock in colour while providing vibrancy and shine.

A complete staple to any dressing table, the Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray provides a weightless all over hold for any look. Sheer Lacquer can be used during and post styling to ensure your locks stay are held in place over time.

Behind The Spectrum Photoshoot

When filming this episode both the BNTM, make up and Paul Edmonds London team had a shock. Efi announced that she wanted to leave the competition. She told the other girls that she could not handle the journey anymore and that she was too un-happy to carry on. Efi took the brand owners of Spectrum Collections to one side and explained what she was about to do. She apologised for wasting their time and told the ladies that it was down to her own personal struggles in the competition and not down to the team or brand.

Efi left the competition straight away and the Paul Edmonds London team wish her well!

Spectrum Final Looks

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We absolutely loved filming this episode and creating Spectrum looks for the girls.

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