Eyecials – Focused and Fabulous

Eyes do so much for us, its time to give back.

The Paul Edmonds Eyecial is a mini-eyelift miracle. It is perfect for that all important occasion when your eyes need to ‘pop’ or as part of an ongoing targeted treatment on the eye area.

The Paul Edmonds Eyecial is entirely bespoke to the needs of your eyes and can pull in the entire range of super active products and clever machines that we have at our disposal. What we have found to be most effective is a combination of JLo’s favourite CACI hydratone. This tighten the muscles and oxygenate the area around the eyes, banishing fluid retention and any fatty deposits that have built up. We then choose and eye mask suitable that is best suited to your individual needs.

A big fan of CACI, JLo says its 'amazing.'

A big fan of CACI, JLo says its ‘amazing.’

Another key part of our mix is high dosages of hyalluroinic acid. A natural competent of our skin  it is key to keeping our cells hydrated  as it can hold 1000 times its weight in water. Hey, we’ve all been there but this time, its positive. It is key to our skins strength and elasticity but, of course, it decreases as we get older. We’ve tracked down the best ways to put it back in!


Luxury treatment rooms at Paul Edmonds

Luxury treatment rooms at Paul Edmonds

Eyecials can be booked on their own or be added in to another of our facials. Book with either Gene or Sonita now!