Super Natural Looking Hair Extensions for Georgie Porter

When Georgie Porter arrived at Paul Edmonds London needing her hair extensions redoing we we delighted. We do love rescuing people’s hair and making them look utterly fabulous. The way we do hair extensions at Paul Edmonds is very different, we use super fine pieces of natural hair and insist that they always look natural. As you can see it is a process well worth undertaking!

Catherine Ho, a Director at Paul Edmonds, was the woman in charge of transforming Georgie’s hair from dry, tired hair, into super long full glossy healthy hair.

Catherine used Great Lengths hair, choosing a length of 18 inches to give maximum wow effect. To get the natural looking hair she cut each bond in two creating superfine pieces.

Once all the pieces were attached Catherine finished it off by giving  Georgie a fabulous super luxury style by using heated rollers on the top followed by a pin curl to the rest of the hair. Once this had given her the body she needed Catherine finished by tonguing each section. What products did she use to get such a beautiful big bouncy wave?

Wonder Worker £22.00

Wonder Worker £22.00

‘Like all of us on the styling team at Paul Edmonds, I am a big fan of Wonder Worker by Shu Uemura. It gives body and a gentle condition before blow drying that also magically refrizzes hair. To finish I use Volume Maker also by Shu on the roots and then gave it a light hold with L’Oreal Professional Beach Waves.

How long did the whole process take? 6 hours! Catherine says, ‘Doing anything properly takes time and to make such a huge amount of hair extensions looks natural is a very delicate job!’


Such a big investment of time and money also demands that you look after it properly afterwards. Catherine gives her top tips for caring for extensions.


The Silk Bloom Hair Repair Collection £85.00

‘Don’t use anything oily near the roots as it can interfere with the keratin bonds that we use to hold in the hair pieces. Great Lengths have their own follow up care shampoo that we recommend to our clients. Because her natural hair has been damaged in the past I recommended Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Conditioner (£32.00) on the mid length to the tips. This is an excellent product as it repairs the structure of the hair fibre and adds body. The full Silk Bloom collection is a great way to give damaged hair some love.  She’s also another of my converts to the wonderful Wonder Worker!  (£22.00)

Catherine - Director

Catherine – Senior Stylist

For a consultation with Catherine Ho on what kind of hair extensions could work for you book now. Prices given after a full consultation.