Get Holiday-Ready Hair at Paul Edmonds London Salons

Get Holiday Ready Hair At Paul Edmonds This Summer | Paul Edmonds  The Beautiful Poppy Garner, Balayage by Steven

Great hair and great hair colour comes from great condition whether you bake in bake in the London sunshine,or freeze wet and dry in the winter cold.  Paul Edmonds clients can step into the cool luxury of one of our hair and beauty salons to get holiday-ready from top to toe.

Whether you’re jetting off to a white sand beach, gearing up for some island nightlife, or planning a culture-filled city break, your hair should always look the part, or simply thinking about having that balayage colour.  Think ahead and you can wave goodbye to dry, frizzy, unmanageable locks from the moment you step onto the plane.

At Paul Edmonds London hair salons in Knightsbridge and Battersea, our expert stylists offer a range of treatments that are ideal for preparing your hair for a holiday or a colour transformation. Here are five options to consider before you head off to the sun:

1. Signature Smooth Treatment

If you’re looking for a way to make blow-drying easier whilst you’re away, a Signature Smooth Treatment at Paul Edmonds London should be top of your list. It is ideal for clients seeking a smooth, glossy finish that will resist frizz, withstand humidity and remain easy to manage throughout the summer.

You’ve probably heard of keratin hair treatments and the Brazilian blow-dry. The Signature Smooth treatment produces similar results, yet works in a completely different way. It is based on natural ingredients, with zero formaldehyde and aldehyde and no release of chemical gases during the treatment process. Better for your hair, and better for the planet!

How does it work?

Signature Smooth uses nanotechnology to add bonds (proteins) into the follicle layer of the hair. As the tiny particles and amino acids attach themselves to the hair, they create a skeletal structure to the cuticle, forming a solid, inner layer of protection that seals nutrients within the hair fibre.

This reinforced structure encourages hair to fall straighter, smoother and stronger. Moisture is locked in to improve hydration and elasticity, and your hair is protected from external aggressors such as UV light, dirt, pollution and heat.

How long does it last?

The results of your Signature Smooth treatment at Paul Edmonds London will last 12 to 16 weeks, depending on your hair type and lifestyle. You can prolong the effects at home by incorporating the Shu Uemura Art of Hair range into your hair and beauty routine. The potent, nutrient-rich formulation of these products will ensure that you get the most from your Signature Smooth treatment.

When should I have the Signature Smooth treatment?

We suggest booking an appointment at one of our London hair salons two weeks before you are due to go away. The Signature Smooth treatment can affect hair colour, so if you are planning to refresh your colour before your holiday, you should book your colour appointment for one week after your Signature Smooth treatment.

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For smooth, manageable, glossy hair for your holiday, book a Signature Smooth treatment at a Paul Edmonds London Salon today.

2. Shu Uemura Master Base Treatment

If your hair is feeling weak, damaged, dehydrated and limp, get an instant pre-holiday pick-me-up with a bespoke Shu Uemura Master Base Treatment at one of our London hair salons. You’ll feel the difference straight away, as hair is left soft, shiny and nourished for up to a month.

This in-salon treatment will be tailored especially for your hair and your lifestyle. There are three different pillars in the range – Shimmer, Moisture and Repair – and your stylist will select the right combination to maximise your hair’s condition and deliver the results you’re looking for. The Shimmer and Moisture pillars are ideal before a holiday, whilst the Repair formula is a good choice when you get home.

Each treatment starts with a nourishing hair masque. This acts as a foundation for the second stage of the treatment and enables the active ingredients to penetrate the hair structure more easily. The entire process takes 15-30 minutes and can be built into a your cut or blow-dry appointment. For longer-lasting effects, we can apply the treatment under steam to open the hair cuticle and push the formulae deeper.

All the products in the Shu Uemura Master Base range smell divine – and the floral, citrus fragrance will linger until your next blow-dry.

How often can I have a Shu Uemura Master Base Treatment?

As often as you like! The natural ingredients in these products cause absolutely no damage to your hair, so it’s OK to become addicted to that softness and shine. Speak to your stylist about an on-going treatment programme – they will tailor a regime that addresses your hair’s specific needs and keeps it full of vitality all year round.

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Book an appointment at one of our luxury hair salons in London. A Shu Uemura Master Base treatment can be built into your cut or blow-dry appointment, or carried out as a standalone treatment.

3. Collagen Treatment

This nourishing, vitamin-rich collagen treatment is designed to boost moisture and shine and help to improve the condition of your scalp.

Your stylist will apply it under steam to help the ingredients penetrate the hair follicle for improved, longer-lasting results. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and can be built into your cut or blow-dry appointment.

The effects last for up to a month, so this is another good option just before a holiday to keep hair glossy and healthy whilst you’re away.

Book your Collagen Treatment appointment at Paul Edmonds London hair salons in Knightsbridge or Battersea. 

4. 72 Hair for Stubborn Hairlines

Do you like to wear your hair up on holiday, but struggle to control the frizz around your hairline? This quick, in-salon treatment can be carried out as part of your pre-holiday cut and blow-dry to help you maintain a smooth, sleek look whilst you’re away.

72 Hair is a gel-formulation keratin treatment that works on the outer layer of the hair to control unruly frizz. Your stylist will apply it in a ‘halo’ around the front of your hair to smooth out your hairline, but it doesn’t straighten hair at the crown or mid-lengths. For an all-over straightening treatment that’s kind to hair, try the Signature Smooth treatment above.

You can expect your 72 Hair hairline treatment to last 3 – 6 months. Book an appointment at a Paul Edmonds London salon here.

5. Triple Impact Pre-Shampoo Treatment

No time for an appointment at a Paul Edmonds London salon before you fly? Triple Impact Pre-Shampoo Treatment will help you add volume and shine at home.

Apply this wonder product on wet hair before you shampoo. It is super-sticky – a bit like honey – so smooth it on and leave it to get to work for five minutes, then wash and blow-dry your hair as normal. The effects are immediate, and although they won’t last longer than a couple of days, you can use Triple Impact every time you wash your hair to get the same result.

This treatment is great for boosting fine, lank hair. It also adds shine and volume and reduces blow-drying time – which is really useful when you’re rushing from the beach to the bar!

Buy Triple Impact Pre-Shampoo Treatment from either of our luxury London hair salons or request it as part of your hair treatment regime at your next appointment.

If you’re not sure which pre-holiday hair treatment is right for you, book an appointment at a Paul Edmonds London hair salon for a consultation with one of our expert stylists. They will tailor a treatment programme that will give you summer-ready hair right through to September and beyond.