Natural Looking Hair Extensions at Paul Edmonds

Think you know hair extensions? Think again. Many of the tops celebrities that we work with use hair extensions but you wouldnt know it because at Paul Edmonds London we do them differently

Our hair extensions team lead by Salon Manager Zoe Rodgers-Smith can work wonders so we asked Zoe what the secret was and how hair extensions get used these days.

What kind of hair extensions do you use?

We only use the best quality hair and we make sure that the texture and colour matches and complements your own hair colour. We use super fine hair pieces and work  them in close to the roots.

When would you suggest to a client that they think of using hair extensions?

Our clients use hair extensions to emphasise and enhance their styles. Super long is still popular but we often use for just adding weight and volume, especially in a classic bob, which works best with heavier sides.

What about with hair colour?

Its quite a fun way to add colour pieces into your hair, especially if your own hair has sustained some damage. You can add in fade outs or balayage pieces and be much more radical than you might be with your own hair. One of the great things about extensions that people don’t realise is that it cushions the damage that heat treatments do to your hair.

People worry that it is going to be obvious that they have hair extensions.

Well there are a lot of really horrible extension jobs out there! But we are renowned for creating a totally natural look. One of the key things is that you still need to have a really great cut, the pieces need to be feathered. Its important when getting them done that you trust the skill set of the stylist as much as the quality of the extensions.

What about occasion wear?

They are perfect for adding a bit of glamour to weddings and will last through honeymoons and the first couple of months.

For Red Carpet hair celebrities these days are using more hair pieces than extensions because the look they need to achieve is so temporary. We work a lot with celebrities for these events and the key is planning in advance as we need to colour match and order the best pieces.

The best thing about hair extensions is they let you have fun and why not!

Zoe Rodgers-SmithFor amazing stealth extensions with Zoe or just to add some fun pieces book now!

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