The Supermodel Look | Eyelash Extensions At Paul Edmonds London

Imagine waking up on holiday, at a festival, or after those unexpected nights out and being ready…straight out of bed. Okay, you will still have to get dressed but at Paul Edmonds London we are here to make your life more fabulous with lashes.

Gene, one of our skin and beauty experts is also known for applying bespoke lashes. She takes time to understand your eyes, needs and wants to ensure you stand out at any occasion…no lashes will ever be the same! Gene has applied lucious long lashes on an array of clients from actresses to TV presenters and most recently Jourdan Dunn as seen in Grazia, so you will be in VERY capable hands!

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Individual NOVALASH Lashes

An absolute favourite at Paul Edmonds London, the NOVALASH individuals are fabulous all year round but especially during the summer months. Individual NovaLash lashes are applied with medical grade glue that does not contain rubber (like most eyelash glues) ensuring your lashes last for as long as you maintain them! Let’s see the fabulous benefits you will love and long for…

  • You do not necessarily need to wear mascara! These lashes will give you the lift and darkness you need to be camera ready! But not to worry, if you can’t live without the wand we recommend Mascara by NOVALASH to make sure your lashes last and are cared for appropriately.
  • Escaping this summer? NOVALASH Individuals are waterproof, oil-proof and sweat-proof making them the perfect lashes for your holiday. You can swim, sunbathe and sauna with NOVALASH without damage or tangles, bearing in mind that you look after them properly!
  • NOVALASH gives you the appearance of a darker and thicker lash line but if you want that extra oomph, grab a NOVALASH eye pencil for that extra bit of shading.
  • With the appropriate care, NovaLash’s can be wore indefinitely with monthly touchups with Gene. Pop back to Paul Edmonds London every 2-4 weeks for eyes that are constantly striking.


Mascara & LASHLiner by NOVALASH, two must have products for maximum lashes. 


NOVALASH individuals by Gene at Paul Edmonds London

If you do not have as many lashes as you long for, American volume by NOVALASH is your saviour. Applied in the same way as Individuals with the same benefits, American volume can be applied to give you a naturally fuller look.


Want to shimmer all summer long? Try LASHcandy by NOVALASH. Add a little something special to your already fabulous lashes with a dash of colour and sparkle.

Under the flashing lights of a festival or those long summer, sunsets add the delicious hand-dipped, freeze-dried and crystallised lashes for a subtle shine that lasts up to two weeks! At Paul Edmonds London we hold an exclusive capsule collection of Candied Lashes available in Licorice (black), Cinnamon Toast (brown) and Black Raspberry (blue). Ask Gene to add a touch of sparkle to your lashes at your next appointment.


Cluster Lashes

Cluster lashes are great for a temporary look. They are applied by sitting on top of your own lashes. Cluster lashes are perfect for occasions, anything from weddings to parties to photoshoots to weekends away. Cluster lashes are completely bespoke as you can choose if you want them to last up to three days or up to two weeks but think wisely as you cannot get them wet. Cluster lashes give an instant dramatic effect perfect for when you want to make a statement.


The Application

To get the lashes you will love, make an appointment with Gene today. Prior to your consultation we will make sure you will not have any nasty reactions to our beautiful lashes. We will do a patch test followed by your consultation to ensure you get the best lashes for you. In your consultation Gene will listen to what you want, and understand the reasoning behind your lashes, weather it be for a holiday for a long lasting everyday look. Following your consultation your appointment will last for 45 minutes- 2 hours depending on your desired look.

After Salon Care

When you have your fabulous lashes applied by Gene you will also receive a brush and after care instructions. The brush is for everyday maintenance, just as you brush your locks in the morning, brush your lashes to get rid of any tangles!

If you choose to wear Mascara by NOVALASH, we advise that you remove it with CleanLASH by NOVALASH. CleanLASH is make up remover used to remove mascara while caring and ensuring that your lashes last. The oil based conditioning pads contain pomegranate and grape seed oil to nourish your lashes leaving them soft and subtle. CleanLASH is a 3 in 1 wonder product that conditions, cleanses and removes make up, We love it!


CleanLASH make up remover by NOVALASH

To keep your lashes looking healthy over a long period of time apply Lash+Doctor by NOVALASH to the lash time before you go to bed (after you remove your NOVALASH Mascara with NOVALASH makeup remover for best results). Lash+Doctor by NOVALASH is an eyelash growth serum that conditions, strengthens and promotes healthy hair growth…you can even use it on eyebrows! Lash+Doctor by NOVALASH is enhanced with natural plant extracts, peptides, multi-vitamins and conditioners to nourish the lash root and promotes visible hair growth that is resistant to lash loss and breakage.



Book Your Lashes


Half Set 60 minutes, £85

Full Set 90 minutes, £125

Maintenance 45 minutes, £55; 30 minutes £45

Removal 30 minutes, £15

Clusters 45 minutes, £25- £45; 30 minutes, £10-£30

To make sure your lashes are summer ready, book an appointment with Gene now!


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