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This spring it’s all about the medium length hair cut, not too long, not too short, the midi haircut suits everyone and looks great at any age. Read more for the low down on the medium length haircut from Paul Edmonds, Creative Director and Brand Owner of Paul Edmonds London.


Paul Edmonds, Brand Owner of Paul Edmonds London

Spring’s Midi Blunt Haircut

The fashion of haircuts has swung towards a heavier look that’s finished with a blunt cut (finish of hair all one length) where hair is longer than shoulder length but not classed as long locks. We have previously told you about the blunt or bevelled hair cutting techniques, to read more on these, click here) but along with these, the medium style with a blunt finish is the look for 2019.

Previously haircuts have been seen to be highly textured which is great for movement, but a good hair stylist will create movement in your midi blunt style. At Paul Edmonds London, the consultation as well as technique is key, so with this in mind, make sure you prep before your haircut and bring images with the looks, and styles  you have in mind. You can then sit with your expert hairdressers and discuss how that look will work for you. To create movement within a mid-length blunt cut, your expert hairstylist will use internal layering to create a multi-dimensional voluminous look. Internal layering is when your stylist creates layers on the inside of your hair. Internal layers are cut blunt and you can have multiple at different lengths. These are different to traditional layers as with traditional layers the ends are cut into, internal layers are finished blunt. When styled, the internal layers poke through the outer layer of the hair, giving movement and the feel of modernity.

The midi blunt cut is completed by adding a heavy fringe that’s worn slightly parted. This look is great for all as it suits any ages because it looks groomed yet young and edgy. The midi length blunt cut also works whether you have blonde, brunette, red or grey hair. It’s a casual look that can be styled formally and is also great when rough dried, allowing for super easy and glam but lived in hair.

Cate Blanchett wears this style perfectly. With her cut and style, you can see the heaviness in the fringe and thickness of mid-lengths and ends (from the blunt cut finish). To create this style at home Paul recommends rough-drying hair for a textured root and straightening mid-lengths and ends for a sleek finish towards the bottom of the hair.

Condition is key

With any hair cut, your hair looks at its best when kept in optimum condition. Treating your hair should be equally as important as the time and investment you spend on your haircut and colour. Most importantly shine is key and the right treatments can transform the look, feel and overall condition of your locks.

Paul Edmonds recommends using Shu Uemura Overnight Serum on mid-lengths and ends, twice a week. The Shu Uemura Overnight Serum is enriched with Red Camellia oil meaning it’s full of anti-oxidants to provide intense nourishment, softness, manageability and glow to the hair while protecting locks from frizz.

Shu Uemura Night Serum

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When styling your mid-length blunt haircut Paul recommends the Shu Uemura Blowdry Beautifier, applied to towel-dried hair for blow dry heat protection and to add body to your style. The Shu Uemura Blowdry Beautifier contains Ginkgo Biloba, which memorises shaped looks that means when you style your hair, the Blowdry Beautifier allows the hair to lock in your style for longer.

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How to style

The mid-length blunt cut can also be styled wavy for a loose, done or undone look. At Paul Edmonds London the hair experts can style your look using a twisting tong technique which gives a more relaxed lived in wave.

The mid-length blunt cut is loved by our clients at Paul Edmonds London Knightsbridge and Battersea Power Station. Abbey Clancy, Emma Louise Connolly and Lilia Parsons absolutely rock their looks, check out how amazing they look!…

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