Your Perfect Brows At Paul Edmonds London

At Paul Edmonds London, luxury hair and beauty emporium we understand that brows are now more important than ever! Our talented team of beauty experts have seen many trends sweeping through their tweezers over the past decade, definitely making our brows one of our biggest beauty obsessions!

Paul Edmonds London has always been able to offer clients eyebrow services.  Whether it is waxing, threading or a simple pluck we have experts on hand to help you achieve your desired look.  It is not only about the shape though, often you will also want to enhance the colour especially with fashion trends dictating a thicker more pronounced eyebrow, or be able to temporarily fill in and define your brow shape.  And remember the best bit is you can get all of this service completed as part of your haircut and colour routine in one appointment!

There are lots of options available at Paul Edmonds London but we are really excited about introducing the Mii Brows, professional eyebrows completely bespoke to your face shape.

Often clients don’t know what shape suits them or are too scared to opt for a change especially if it is their first time shaping and colouring your brows professionally.  It has always been our philosophy to ensure that we manage your expectations, a thorough consultation is a must and Mii brows allows you to experience and bespoke (if you wish) your desired shape before you finally go for your chosen look.  We look at your face shape, your hair thickness, your eye shape as well as your skin tone to ensure that, every arch, every smile and even the occasional furrow, reveal the true beauty of every expression with brows tailored perfectly to YOU!

To recap, your bespoke treatment begins with a consultation with one of our best facial beauty experts they will preview your desired look. Your eyebrow journey continues with the tint (we will ensure that you have a compulsory allergy test at least 24 hours before your first Mii brow consultation) colour choice, shape and finish creating that perfect brow! Our beauty experts at Paul Edmonds London ensure that your brow finish both compliments your facial features and defines a look that’s totally unique and unmistakably YOU!

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Why Mii?

We have described the consultation process but what is so special about the Mii system?

Typically hair grows in a cycle and so your Mii brows will last up to 4-6 weeks.  Tinting (permanent colour) can last up to 4 weeks however this is very much dependent on the type of skin cleaning products you may us.  Products containing AHAs (read our skin blog) can significantly reduce the tint and fading will occur quicker.  However, whichever way you look at it the Mii system is the perfect accessory for the party season.

The other great advantage is that over time plucking brows may inadvertently give you Marlene Deitrich style brows (which are definitely NOT of the moment) but are a problem that does occur with over plucking.  The Mii system of consulting, testing, shaping and conditioning your brows means that you can save the trauma of over plucking (and those hairs) and instead revitalise those arches.

Because of the care and attention placed with shaping and colouring, this means that you are more likely to achieve your brow look the first time, thus reducing the need for maintenance and reshaping, another great advantage is that Mii brows ensure make-up free days as easy as possible.

The entire process takes about 45mins and is £50

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So how can I continue my Mii experience?

At Paul Edmonds London, we recommend that you also think about continuing and topping up your now beautiful brows with some great products.  If you want to enhance your look further in the evening post work as you’re are meeting your friends or that date!, the Precision Brow Detailer is the perfect companion to giving your Mii brows that extra vavavoom.  The ultra-fine tip allows for easy shaping and extending length, in different colours to blend into your brows you will be able to build a shape with confidence.

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Ever wondered about those tiny new hairs that grow after a week?, well Miis Conceal & Contour Duo is perfect for hiding regrowth and imperfections.  The contouring allows you to sharpen and define your brows further great for that evening look.

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And finally who can do without a brush ?, we recommend the Brow Master Brush, it has two ends, one for drawing sharp lines and the other end has a brush to blend and shape hair into the right direction.

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What else can I do now that I have Mii ?

There are lots of other options to think about at Paul Edmonds London once you have got the brow fever!.  Our beauty facial experts will be able to guide you and recommend the following services that you may find useful to further improve your overall look.

Eyelashes are a great collaboration with Mii, you can have semi-permanent lashes that are individually glued onto your lashes (read more about lashes at Paul Edmonds London here), or for those of you that are interested in growing your lashes why not ask our aestheticians (skin care experts) about eyelash grow serums.

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Gene, Skin Specialist at Paul Edmonds London

And finally, our clients ask us always about what eye serums and creams to suggest to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Again our aestheticians will be able to guide you and give you further information on our eye treatments using lifting technology and products by Skinceuticals and Endocare to name but a few.  All available at the best beauty salon in London, Paul Edmonds London the House.

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Sunita, Skin Care Expert at Paul Edmonds London

The Paul Edmonds Experience

 While your visiting our home having your brows tamed to perfection, did you know Paul Edmonds London’s beauty experts do not leave any hair rogue!

Our private beauty rooms offer a complete 360 experience ensuring your hair is pruned and placed exactly how YOU want it.

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