The Truth Behind Pregnancy Hair & Skin At Paul Edmonds London

From Beyoncé to Kate Middleton, pregnancy is a time when your health is of most importance. Mr Edmond internationally renowned hair stylist and the man behind Paul Edmonds London, luxury hair and beauty emporium shares his healthy hair top tips for new mums to help save those pregnancy glowing locks and skin.

Mr Paul Edmonds tackles pregnancy hair

During pregnancy the hormones rushing around a Mother’s body increase the thickness and lustre of the hair, sometimes their hair looks better than ever! However, once the baby is born and breast feeding stops the normal level of testosterone returns to the body and the lustrous hair can begin to thin and shed, often adding further stress and insecurities to a new Mum.

Supplements such as Viviscal, which contains fish oils and proteins, can only be used post pregnancy and after breastfeeding, they maintain hair density and good scalp condition.  Iron deficiency in pregnancy is also common and can lead to hair loss so a diet rich in rich in dark, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, meat, and beans is also essential.

To combat any potential thinning of the hair I always like to advise my clients, that are expecting Mums, to take the hair shorter and blunter to reduce the strain on the remaining hair. I like to create a maximum look for minimum care, blunt edged bobs softened with internal layers and those with longer layers are kept blunt.  Once the baby is born these styles are often far more manageable, as we all know finding the time to even shower and style the hair is almost impossible!

Be careful colouring your hair in the pregnancy and post pregnancy phase again hormone changes can affect the porosity of hair and strength which can do adverse things when colour peroxide are applied, try and opt for an ammonia free hair colour alternative. A client must always advise their colourist when they are pregnant so a bespoke regime of colour, styling and products can be prescribed for the pregnancy.

If you are trying to achieve a rich shade like Kate Middleton I would advise to switch to a semi-permanent colour rather than a permanent. Once breast feeding has finished clients are then advised to switch to back permanent. But again, time is always a factor with a newborn so perhaps experiment with a style like balayage which is easy to maintain but also keeps as much colour away from the scalp as possible.


As the hormones have such an impact on the scalp condition cleansing shampoos are brilliant during pregnancy, they are very light and leave the hair in a beautiful shiny condition. I like to recommend Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil shampoo, a Paraben and Silicone free formula with Onsen inspired ferment, known for its purifying virtues. This shampoo gently cleanses all hair types while respecting the balance of the scalp. It’s a lightweight cleanser that provides radiance, the oil gently cleanses the hair and removes dirt and impurities.

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If you are a lover of colour then book a consultation with one of our colour specialists! Whoever you choose, they will prescribe and bespoke your look for you and your lifestyle.

Paul Edmonds Skin Experts on pregnancy skin

During the pregnancy period, as with hair, hormones can significantly effect the skins reaction and result to facials and skin care products. It’s perfectly normal for the skin to either breakout within the first trimester or become severally dehydrated, the good things is all this is short term and usually (but not always) disappears within the second and third trimester.

If you are thinking about going out in the sun, always use sun protection. Heliocare which comes in many options from high SPF 50 moisturisers (great for nourishing and hydrating your skin) to the Heliocare 360 Airgel SPF 50+ which gives added protection for extremely sensitive skin types. The reason why SPF is so important is because some women can experience hyper pigmentation to skin during pregnancy if exposed to sun and in some extreme cases, melasma (patches of pigmented skin most commonly found on the cheek, upper lip and forehead area). Sometimes the latter condition may fade even after pregnancy however, in some cases exposure to the sun may cause the melasma to reoccur in which case treatment can be difficult to remove.


You can still continue to use your skin care products however, remember due to hormones your skin may require further nourishment and additional anti oxidants such as CE Ferulic which will ensure optimum hydration, repair and promote collagen.  Ensure to maintain your skin routine as opposed to looking for a results driven programme (peels, micro needling, micro current etc) it’s best to leave that until after pregnancy.

For facials (and skin care routines) avoid anything that has retinols (vitamin A – some research has suggested that the absorption of this vitamin may have an adverse impact on the fetus) In addition avoid the following, deep massaging techniques, strong exfoliants (e.g high % peels), micro needling and treatments using electrical currents.

Skincare recommendations


We recommend light cleansing and hydrating facials such as the Calming Facial (includes vitamin C) by SkinCeuticals for an organic approach try the Eminence Calming Facial  (whilst these facials may contain essential oils, we ensure that they are safe to use during pregnancy).  Éminence facials such as the Moisture Nourish facial contains camomile and neroli which are great for sensitive skin types.

Recommended Products

The following products are extremely nourishing and hydrating to the skin, prefect to use pre, during and post pregnancy.

Cleansing and Toning 

SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser, £29.00

SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner, £29.00


SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5, £59.00

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective, £50.00

Antioxidants (containing vitamin C)

Perfect for sensitive skin, SkinCeuticals Serum 10, £75.00.

For dehydrated- normal skin, SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, £129.00.

Designed for combination/ hyper pigmented skin, SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF, £150.00.

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