New Product! Master Wax from Shu Umeura

Master Wax is the new edition to the much-loved Shu Umeura Wax styling wax and shape paste family.


What is it?

This time the high priests of hair styling products have created a high control workable cream that provides shine and strong hold.

It is definitely the cream for those who want to keep a style held for a long time. It has one of those special Shu Umeura two things at once formulas – cream to wax – which makes it ideal for styling with resilient results.

Who’s it for?

Men, women, those of you who wanna rock.

What Does it Do?

Provides high hold: hair is set into place without feeling stiff. Style can be easily reshaped throughout the day without reapplying product.

Leaves hair with a shiny finish: hair is radiant but never greasy.

Whats it got in it?

This may be a styling wax but it’s a Shu styling wax and so contains lots of delicious things to help not hamper you hair. Japan cedar bud extract for example, fortifys and textures the hair.

The high hold is created by using a mixture of beeswax, cationic and amphoteric polymers. This is offset with emoliants to give a flexible hold that allows for reshaping, and a lovely evenly spread shine.

How to Use?

Apply on dry hair and style. Suitable for all hair types including thick hair. Recommended for short to mid-length hair.

Which wax when?!

With so many excellent styling products it can sometimes be confusing knowing which one is best for which style. So lets look at the whole Shu Umeura shape paste and wax family and recap of which does what.


Master Wax: texture midway between a cream and a wax, very high control and shape, shiny finish.

£22.00 Buy now!



Clay_Definer_322-x-238Clay Definer: a roughly molding pomade with high control, textured definition and a silky matte finish.

£24.00 Buy now!



Shape-Paste-modified_528-x-676Shape Paste: a bouncy texture giving medium control and siping and a natural finish.

£22.00 Buy now! 




Cotton Uzu_528-x-677Cotton Uzu: a defining flexible crean, soft control, lightweight finish and shine.

£22.00 Buy now!