Paul Edmonds at London Fashion Week Festival | Britain’s Next Top Model Final

It’s here! We have reached the final of Britain’s Next Top Model series 12 and what a series it’s been. From walking through the woods naked to laying in freezing cold baths, the girls have been through it all!

The day of the final was action packed and filled with past and present girls from series 10, 11 and 12. We will let you in to a little secret…the final was being film at London Fashion Festival when the girls walked for Giles Deacon! The secret was kept all day and until the final episode aired no body knew that the girls’ London Fashion Festival catwalk would be the last walk of the competition. We had not seen the BNTM girls, filming crew and make up team since Thailand so the day felt like a school reunion! It was great to see everyone again.

18 girls took to the catwalk however, Abbey, Max and Nicky only had their eyes on three. Ivy, Eleanor and Kira had made it to the final and this was their last night to fight for the crown to become Britain’s Next Top Model.

We can let you into another secret now…you may have noticed a couple of familiar faces on the catwalk. The girls were brought back to disguise Eleanor as it had not been announced yet that she would be returning to the competition!

Paul and his team had met with Giles Deacon prior to the catwalk to discuss what hair look would complement his gorgeous outfits. The team decided on a timeless chignon to give a simple but stylish edge to the final looks.

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The photos above show Paul and his salon squad at work behind the scenes of London Fashion Festival. His dream team was made up of Catherine, Siobhan, Lizzie, Matilda and Polly all from our luxury salon, Paul Edmonds London.

Get The Look | Paul Edmonds London

To get the classic chignon the Paul Edmonds London team created for the BNTM x Giles Deacon catwalk prep the hair with Shu Uemura Kengo Feather styling cream to create a style with a strong hold but with a soft, elegant shine. To start pull the middle section of the hair back into a low ponytail and spray Shu Uemura Detail Master over the taken section to create a high shine with max hold. Using a small elastic create a loop under the ponytail and secure to hold. With the left and right side of hair that has been left out of the centre pony take one side at a time to wrap around the secured low pony. Use a comb to ensure you had all the fly away hairs and continue to spray Shu Uemura Detail Master. To hold the chignon spray Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray all over.

The fabulous thing about this style is that it is completely versatile and can be adjusted according to your hair type. They are perfect for glam evening events and chic cocktail receptions.

IMG_2306 revised alt

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.58.09

Once the girls were ready they took some press photos followed by a full cat walk rehearsal. The Paul Edmonds team made their way through the crowds of the London Fashion Week Festival to bag a front row seat for the models practice run.

When the time came for the girls to do walk for real, anticipation was building backstage. All the girls were nervous but the amount of pressure on Ivy, Eleanor and Kira was huge! The girls were one walk away from knowing who would be Britain’s Next Top Model…they HAD to do this catwalk justice.

Backstage was mental! It was filled with clothes, photos, cameras, hair and makeup, ensuring the girls looked absolutely perfect. Giles Deacon himself was also backstage making sure his outfits looked as he imagined for their London Fashion Week Festival debut. The girls definitely did the looks justice, they all looked amazing!

Mr Edmonds and Matilda made finishing touches to each of the girls before they look to the catwalk and they were off!

As the girls walked off stage they could breathe a sign of relief that the walk was over however for three girls their fate was still in the hands of three very important people. Starting with Kira the emotions took a hold over the contestants and the girls all had a moment with each other…it was lovely to see. All their hard work in the competition was over and they have truly all made very close friends in each other.

As the public left the catwalk it was time for the judges to deliberate before announcing Britain’s Next Top Model. Backstage cleared out and the remaining three girls took to their fate. Mr Edmonds was still on hand to make sure the girls looked amazing for one of them to claim her well deserved crown.

It was then time… the series 12 winner was announced…the beautiful Ivy!

Huge congratulations to the horror film loving model! Ivy is an absolutely beautiful person inside and out and her competition congratulated her immensely.  Let’s take a look at Ivy’s time throughout the competition…

Paul Edmonds London

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