BNTM & Paul Edmonds Episode 3 Garnier Shoot!

Following on from makeover day at Paul Edmonds London’s Knigtsbridge salon, the girls moved onto the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Henry the VIII’s second wife (who incidentally was Queen of England for 1000 days) Hever Castle for the Garnier challenge shoot.  If you haven’t been to Hever Castle then we thoroughly recommend it! There’s beautiful settings, a gorgeous lake and the most unbelievable castle, it was the perfect location for serene, ethereal, wellness and the Garnier challenge.

BNTM Garnier shoot Episode 3

Hever Castle view to the lake from the conservatory BNTM Paul Edmonds London Garnier shoot

BNTM Paul Edmonds Garnier HeverCastle

Hever Castle Patio View from Conservatory, BNTM episode 3 Paul Edmonds London Garnier Shoot

BNTM Hever Castle BNTM Episode 3 Garnier shoot

Hever Castle Lake aspect with Japanese Tea House, BNTM Episode 3 Paul Edmonds London Garnier shoot








Garnier brand ambassador and Canadian born blogger Estee Lalonde was on hand, working with Hillary Alexander to judge today’s challenge.  The girls were all put into groups and it was down to the judges to decide which group of girls would win the challenge for the best representation of the Garnier brand.

Behind the Scenes Paul Edmonds London with BNTM & Garnier

From Paul Edmonds London, Catherine, Jan and Jennie created the soft natural looks for the shoot. The brief was glossy looking hair, with gentle texture and movement, all complementing the soft styling with the clothes and the natural make up which was provided by Sleek make up.

BNTM Catherine Jan and Jennier Episode 3 BNTM Behind the Scenes

Paul Edmonds London team Catherine, Jan and Jennie behind the scenes of the Garnier shoot Episode 3

There were a couple of hurdles along with the way. One being the shoot was outdoors in the Hever grounds which made getting the girls prepped and then touched up after the golf buggy ride a challenge. This was also combined with the factor of the weather. It started off sunny but quickly ended up with rain, you know the really fine type that doesn’t drop but just wafts and gently settles, then the next minute you realise you look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, well it was that type. Luckily the Paul Edmonds London team were on hand to calm Hilary’s cheers for combs and hairspray! Thank goodness for Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer, our savior.

Here are some Behind the Scene pictures from the shoot.

BNTM Chloe prepped by Catherine Episode 3

Catherine getting Chloe ready

BNTM Garnier Shoot Episode 3 Paul Edmonds London

Victoria being prepped by Jennie for Garnier Shoot

BNTM episode 3 Garnier Shoot Paul Edmonds London

Jan getting Olivia pin curled ready for the Garnier shoot

BNTM episode 3 Paul Edmonds London Garnier Shoot

Chloe looking angelic ready for her shoot

BNTM Episode 3 Paul Edmonds London Garnier Shoot

Victoria finished and camera ready











We love (#PEloves) Victoria’s look by Jennie. To Get the Look, Victoria’s hair was prepped first using Shu Uemura color lustre thermo milk (this is an amazing milky creamy texture) to be applied on damp hair. This product protects the colour from heat application so that it doesn’t fade, it also has Musk Rose Oil and Goji Berry extract that act as coating on the hair to protect it, add shine and make it look glossy and gorgeous (Victoria had a revamped red colour by Jack at Paul Edmonds London at Makeovers the day before). Jennie then blow-dried the hair to get rid of the excess water and then taking a Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial a Heat Tongs she sectioned the hair and tonged them.  After which she then gently broke the curls by getting Victoria to tip her hair upside down to give it a good shake.  Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer was sprayed again to give it hold.

BNTM Episode 3 Paul Edmonds London Garnier Shoot

Eleanor’s finished look and ready

BNTM Simone Episode 3 Paul Edmonds London Garnier shoot

Simone getting prepped and sprayed

BNTM Episode 3 Paul Edmonds London Garnier Shoot

Abby and Jennifer looking gorgeous and getting dressed

BNTM episode 3 Paul Edmonds London Garnier Shoot

Chloe and Tallulah getting dressed and ready by Jan

BNTM Paul Edmonds London Garner shoot Episode 3

Garnier Shoot on the grounds of Hever Castle

The Garnier Final Looks

And here are the final looks, remember you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on @pauledmonds217 and visit and subscribe to our youtube channel at Paul Edmonds London for the latest Get the Look videos with Paul Edmonds himself and the Girls filmed at our Knightsbridge Salon.

Which one was your favourite ?

Click on the following images to see the hair flowing!


Simone, Olivia and Victoria


Eleanor, Bianca, Alannah and Talulah- Eve


Jennifer, Abby, Chloe and Tallulah