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The latest colour news headed by Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds London, delivered a show extravaganza at the annual Prohair show in Manchester.

The concept behind the hair styles was to showcase the new colour ranges available to salons whilst incorporating the salon friendly techniques that Paul Edmonds London have become synonymous for on clients such as Abbey Clancy. These inspired luxury hair looks allow customers to achieve wearable fun colour pallets and styles.

So what is behind commercial colour?

Our clients are constantly looking at new ways to wear and dress their hair. In addition to this clients love trying new products and adapting their hair to suit multi lifestyle changes throughout the day. Our favourite is from the morning gym class to work, followed by a sophisticated dinner. Whichever way you look at it, at the luxury hair salon end of the market, customer choices are wide and demanding.

With the popularity of social media, colour shades are a lasting trend sported by Kylie Jenner and Katy Perry. Pinks, greens, silvers and cool blondes have been seen on a number of hair styles but that look is not always transferable for every client. Therefore there is a need to adapt these looks, and L’Oreal Professionals new #COLOURFULHAIR is the answer!

Kylie Jenner's double plaits and unicorn colours

Kylie Jenner’s double plaits and unicorn colours

L’Oreal Professionals #COLORFULHAIR comes in 7 wow colours. Peach, Turqoise, Rose (red), Midnight Blue (Nuit), Green (Vert), Violet and Sunset Coral. To adjust the intensity you also get a clear gloss shade that is used to dilute the colour and make them more versatile and complimentary with your own main colour, ie. You don’t have to have a global application but you can also have pieces to pop as part of your highlights, balayage or tint. This makes the look wearable and changeable, so great commercial colour!.

Back to the show and The Four Looks

The team wowed the audience with four looks, two with blonde hair, one brunette and a red head. Styling was headed by Zoe, supported on stage with Siobhan and Lizzie. Each model had a different style inspired by the runway showing differing textures and trends, and looks that have been sported by Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian.

Model 1 Blonde with Balayage

Our first model was a blonde. Jack decided to enhance her natural blonde tones by face framing (contouring) using balayage technique to make her face pop out. Weft pieces by Beautyworks were then coloured using L’Oreal Professional  #COLORFULHAIR Rose and diluted to create a pink hue and mixed in with the models hair so the colour popped through making it a fun for the weekend look.

Styling by Zoe

“Using Essence absolue by Shu Uemura, I tongued the hair leaving the ends straight, pink weft pieces were attached clipped into the hair at the back of the crown & put in line with the ears going downwards. An application of L’Oreal Professional Techni Wet Domination was applied on the front hair line, combed through to the back (including the wefts) to the knape of the head (creating a tight sleek “no hair out of place” look), leaving mid lengths and ends with no application so you get a texture difference with the sleek shiny front and the natural texture of the ends.

To gather the hair at the junction of sleek and texture, grips were then attached gathering the hair together. The midlengths to ends were then tongued the hair was then teased and slightly back combed to give more volume further texture.


PROHAIR LIVE Coloured by Jack, Styled by Zoe

Model 2 Brunettes go Purple

What do we think about regrowth lines? They are caused when there is a deep transition between your natural hair colour and the new one that is applied. A great way to add depth, gloss and shine is through a product called Chromative, a semi permanent colour that can soften the transition but provide you with the coverage you need for that perfect colour illusion. Jack presented our second model and wanted to show if you are a brunette colour pieces can still be effective to change your style. Here he applied the violet to sets of Nordic colour Beautyworks extensions.


PROHAIR LIVE violet to sets of Nordic colour Beautyworks extensions

Siobhan Styled the hair on stage, the model had been prepped by blowdrying with a slight wave. Siobhan then slicked the hair back with a V parting at the front using Shu Uemura Essence Absolue for high shine and gloss. The hair was gathered at the knape of the neck, Siobhan then added the violet colours extensions to the gathering, she then tongued and gently back combed the hair to give it further volume.

On stage

PROHAIR LIVE Siobhan on stage

Model 3 Weaving the blonde

Jack prepared our third blonde with babylights and balayage, this is for the woman who loves being a blonde and is usually used to have T Sections. Adding in Balayage face framing makes the blonde look softer around the face.

Siobhan this time created a strong latise weave. She did this by first preparing the hair for Jack to colour. The hair was sectioned into 6 individual squares of an inch wide starting from the ear and working round to the other ear, the hair within each square was then secured into a mini pony tail and Jack applied a mixture with clear (to pastalise the colours) of the #COLOURFULHAIR into green, coral and pink. Once development was complete hair sections were rinsed and blowdried.

Styled by Siobhan

PROHAIR LIVE Styled by Siobhan

Next taking the front of the hair again sections an inch large were created into mini ponytails, in total 4 rows of squares are created with 24 squares in total with the first coloured squares at the back. Taking the ponytails from the front, they were split into two and added to the next square section behind (leave the coloured ones out), help together with a small elastic and so on. All the connected pony tails were connected into one low loose ponytail, and then the colour pieces were weaved into the pony tail to create a soft weave of waterfall hair. This was in contrast to the textured latticed top/front section. Sheer lacquer by Shu Uemura was applied to smooth down any fly away hairs. The final image was stunning! Well done team!


PROHAIR LVE Final looks

Model 4 Copper my band

For the final look Jack wanted to showcase red heads, often strawberry blondes or red heads or coppers are sometimes overlooked but this season is a core colour trend and you can experiment when it comes to this colour pallet. The key here, Jack wanted to show that you can create definition with Reds by applying differing shades of tones using his signature Tricolor technique. Around the face a mixture of a light and dark tones are applied and the remaining head is covered in the darker tones.

For the styling Zoe inserted a weft pieces coloured pink (using the diluted Rose) this time Jack used the Beautyworks Saint Tropez colour shade extensions as the base to start from. Zoes placement was to see hints of this through the back as the girl walked.


PROHAIR LIVE Styled by Zoe

Hairpieces were added to the back of the crown in line with the ears and then downwards. The front hair line was back combed to give root lift, and gently smoothed back over to the back of the head, [tip if you use a combing out brush you can get the little pieces of hair to lie flat] and applied Shu Uemura Sheer laquer spray to keep stray hairs down and ensure shine.Next taking a bunjee band (this is an elastic band with two hooks at each end) one hook clipped behind the ear and then pulling the band over the hair and attaching the other side. [Tip is to slowly move the band down when it is attached so you don’t get a ridge of hair overhanging the band (imagine a bun/muffin that’s what you don’t want)]. The remaining hair was straightened and Shu Uemura Essence Absolue was added at the end for shine and lustre.

We love the colours and styles, well done to Jack, Zoe, Siobhan and Lizzie! onto the next one..


PROHAIR LIVE Paul Edmonds London Team