SkinCeuticles Blemish + Age Control Skin System

Skincare and beauty at Paul Edmonds London is a holistic, bespoke process that is unique to each of our clients and friends. However we do love a PACK, especially when it effectively gives us one essential product free! Introducing the new SkinCeuticles Blemish + Age Control Skin System.

So, to launch the instant hit Blemish + Age Control Skin System (£125) by cosmeceuticles industry leaders SkinCeuticles we talked to our skincare experts Sunita and Gene in our luxury beauty rooms at theHouse at Paul Edmonds about what the range does and who it is for.


Blemish Control Skin System £125.00

‘This range is unique because it focuses on raging skin that is also prone to imperfections’, says Gene. Sunita nods in agreement, ‘Blemishes dont end with your teens and as you age your hormones also go into flux. This range helps men and women to combat both the signs of ageing such as fine lines and a reduction in skin density and collagen production, whilst also tackling any annoying imperfections.’


Whats in the pack?

Blemish + Age Cleansing Gel
Designed for ageing skin prone to breakouts, LHA Cleansing Gel combines potent cleansing agents with LHA, glycolic acid and salicylic acid to exfoliate, smooth the appearance of irregularities and brighten skin.

Blemish + Age Solution
Designed for ageing skin prone to imperfections, Blemish + Age Solution is formulated with a combination of 3 exfoliating agents to help remove excess residue and surface cells.

Blemish + Age Defence

A corrective serum that delivers a targeted, oil-free approach to target imperfections and address the visible signs of premature skin ageing. This acid blend combines 2% dioic acid with an optimal alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid formulation designed to help protect against the appearance of imperfections, minimise blemishes, and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Blemish + Age Collection

Blemish + Age Collection

Blemish Skin Control System is an excellent deal at only £125.00 and they are selling out fast so don’t delay, buy today! 

What else do you need?

Gene says, ‘This is a great pack to deliver the baseline for any skincare regime that needs to tackle signs of ageing and/or breakout prone skin. There really isnt another system that approaches both these problems together.’

Sunita reminds us that it isn’t the full skincare regime. ‘We will then prescribe to you the correct moisturiser and sunscreen to complete the regime. We have had great results with the new Triple Lipids Restore 2:4:2 (£51.00) that is formulated to restore skin moisture and support the skins natural self-repair process. It really leaves raging skin feeling nourished and ‘plumped’. (Buy now) And of course, our best selling Hydrating B5 Gel (£59.00) which is so full of hyaluronic acid we call it ‘a drink of water for your skin’. (Buy now) Of course you mustn’t neglect your eyes! Sunita and Gene both recommend the A.G.E. Eye Complex (£78.00) three-dimensional eye care that contains a combination of ingredients and helps improve the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. (Buy now)

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