The Power of Antioxidants at Paul Edmonds London

Your skin is your largest organ so it’s very important to take care of it! As well as eating healthy, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep, using an antioxidant is another way you can look after your complexion.

The apple test visually shows the power of antioxidants, as we know if you leave an apple that is cut the apple begins to turn brown, this effect is oxidation of the apple, at a more complex level the same happens to your skin when exposed to oxidation (sun, pollution, lifestyle etc.).  If you then place the antioxidant on the apple you will see the brown begin to reverse and if you place it before you get that browning effect the apple no longer turns brown, as this side is protected with powerful antioxidants that prevent and protect the oxidation effect.

Read more to find out how why and how to protect your skin using the power of antioxidants!

What are antioxidants for your skin?

Antioxidants are natural vitamins and minerals—like vitamins A, C, E, and green tea—that protect your skin against free radical damage. Free radicals are molecules that our bodies face every single day which damages the skin (pollution, cigarette smoke, airborne chemicals, UV, weather, and environment, junk food).


What are the benefits of wearing an Antioxidant?

So we know that antioxidants protect the skin from external aggressors but using the correct antioxidant for your skin type will bring a whole host of results-driven benefits. Check out the benefits below of wearing antioxidants below!

Corrects signs of aging

The job of the antioxidant is to prevent and correct visible signs of ageing. This works by scavenging (mopping up, essentially) harmful particles which otherwise attack skin cells of the face (free radical damage). In doing this, the antioxidant can work by correcting visual signs of aging (fine lines) and to act as a barrier to protect skin. The antioxidant barrier protects cells as free radicals are not able to break down natural collagen/ weaken skin’s elasticity, promoting a healthy youthful glow.

Helps skin repair itself

Antioxidants help skin repair itself by tightening, toning and firming the appearance of the skin. For the skin to repair, collagen and unwanted elasticity must be targeted. To do this, the antioxidant itself stimulates blood flow which encourages the growth and new cells, promoting collagen synthesis. The antioxidant then protects the new and existing skin cells from free radicals.

 Brightness and evens skin tone

Free radicals and frequent sun exposure put skin at risk of dark spots, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation. Wearing an antioxidant daily can support abnormal skin pigmentation prevention while promoting an even skin tone and overall skin brightness. The vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) lightens skin’s hyperpigmentation and dark spots (reducing their appearance) while providing overall perkiness to dull and tired looking skin.

Read more to see which antioxidant is for YOU!

Day time antioxidants

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

C E Ferulic is an advanced skincare antioxidant that provides environmental protection for the skin, formulated for normal to dry skin.

The original potent formulation combination of 15% L-Ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C), 1% Alpha- Tocopherol (pure vitamin E) and the addition of 0/5% Ferulic (bran plant) acid has made the overall formulation extremely powerful as all three ingredients working together provide optimum results.

Application- apply 4-5 drops to a dry face, neck and chest straight after your cleanse and tone.

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Skin Ceuticals

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF

Phloretin CF provides a broad spectrum protection to support skin’s reinforcement and natural protection against free radicals, formulated for normal to oily skin including skin that’s prone to hyperpigmentation.

The formulation of 10% L-Ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C), 2% Phloretin (from apple tree bark) and 0.5% Ferulic helps correct the appearance of visible signs of existing damage by encouraging surface cell turnover.

Application- apply 4-5 drops to a dry face, neck and chest straight after your cleanse and tone.

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Phloretin CF

Phloretin CF

Also available in a gel formulation, to purchase click here £150 (brilliant for male clients who shave as the gel formula feel smooth and spreads brilliantly over the skin)


SkinCeuticals Serum 10

Serum 10 is the perfect introduction to prevent the early signs of ageing while promoting a healthy looking appearance, formulated for very sensitive or problematic skin (blemish prone). Serum 10 is formulated with 10% L-Ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) 0.2% Ferulic Acid to promote even skin tone, and improve skin’s elasticity.

Application- apply 4-5 drops to a dry face, neck, and chest straight after your cleanse and tone.


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Check out our ultimate guide to SkinCeuticals.

Night time antioxidants

Did you know that your skin needs its beauty sleep too?! Wearing an antioxidant at night benefits the skin as it neutralizes age-accelerating internal free radicals, promotes natural skin repair to diminish the visible signs of damage and strengthens functionality to resist new damage.

Resveratrol B E

Resveratrol B E is an innovate night antioxidant for all skin types including mature skin. The unique combination of active ingredients of 1% Resveratrol, 1% Alpha-tocopherol (pure vitamin E) and 0.5% Baicalin work together to increase skin density (proven in 12 weeks by 18.9%). Resveratrol is a type of natural phenol and a phytoalexin produced by several plants in response to injury or when the plant is under attack for example, by bacteria or fungi. Think of it working as turning back time, reversing a compromised result.

Application- apply 1-2 pumps to a dry face, neck, and chest straight after your cleanse and tone.

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