Change in Light, Change in Tone | Hair Colour for Spring with Paul Edmonds London

Compared to the autumn and winter months we are getting an extra two minutes a day of sunlight, equating to an extra 14 minutes of daylight every week. You may have noticed that when you wake-up now that it is already light outside, and the same when you are leaving work. We are getting more daylight and as the month draws in, longer lit days are here to stay.

Did you know that having extra sunlight in the day, compared to the autumn and winter months impacts how your hair looks? With longer lit days, your colour is seen in a different light as your hair colour is now visible more in natural light compared to artificial light, which affects the tonality reflected from the hair. Spring’s natural light gives a tone of blue which tells colour experts to move away from ashier tones used for winter hair and move towards cream, golden and apricot colours to complement the change in light.

To sum up, the changing of seasons brings a change of light that impacts how your hair colour looks. At Paul Edmonds London, the colour experts have advised your spring/ entering summer 2019 hair colour as we enter a new season. Read more to see what Steven, Creative Colour Director advises for your spring look.

Artistic Colour Director, Steven Kamara

Artistic Colour Director, Steven Kamara

Spring colours and tones

Buttercream Blondes

For spring, it’s all about buttercream blonde. Buttercream is made up of cream, icing sugar and butter and the colours of these ingredients mirror the tones that colour experts are mixing to create a blonde that reflects the natural light of spring. The tonality of buttercream blondes gives the illusion of tanned skin, a higher pigment eye colour and enhances facial features to create an overall healthier and refreshed look for spring.

If you have a naturally light base, using buttercream tones will provide dimensions and depth to the hair. This works as the buttercream tones are a lighter colour than your natural light blonde base. Once the tones are placed (through colour techniques – continue to read for Steven’s recommendations) your natural light base appears to look darker, giving the look of shadows to create depth to your overall hair colour, rather than appearing flat.

It’s important to note that there is a subtle difference between going lighter with your blonde locks compared to having brighter hair. Cream tones provide a glow to the hair whereas ashier blondes appear flatter. The buttercream blonde gives you an overall brighter look instead of only having lighter sections.

 Petrol Head Brunettes

For brunettes, the colour tones for spring have moved away from a cool, ash, grey and dark look to warmer caramel and fudge and chestnut colours. The combination of these warm tones such as fudge, chestnut and the shine from dark chocolate creates a multi-tonal contrast, and Spring will be reflected in hair colour.

When these tones are applied to brunette locks, it’s known as ‘petrol blonde.’  Petrol blonde uses a combination of warm tones against a naturally darker base. As when you look into a puddle of petrol, multi-toned colours are reflected, ‘petrol blonde’ gives the same effect when applied to brunette hair.

Buttercream blondes and petrol head brunette colour by Julie, Senior Technician at Paul Edmonds London.


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Your Spring Colour Aftercare

With all expert services, the aftercare, both in-salon and at home is equally as important as the original colour service. It is vital that you look after your spring colour to pro-long the fresh out of the salon look. But it’s important to remember that great hair colour comes with hair that’s in fabulous healthy and strong condition.


Steven recommends the in-salon Smartbond treatment at Paul Edmonds London salons to strengthen locks while adding shine. The Smartbond treatment works by putting bonds back into the hair and can be applied in your colour service or with a glaze and gloss to concentrate solely on hair condition and shine. The Smartbond treatment works on all hair types and is great for uber long locks, as it strengthens hair that’s potentially several years old. The hair treatment is also great for tackling the effects from winter sun, air pollution and helps promote a natural shine. An added bones is that it also holds your blow dries for longer, giving to 360 optimum locks.

Glaze & Gloss

Did you know that colour fades quicker during the spring and summer months compared to autumn and winter months? Steven recommends popping into the salon in between your colour services for a glaze and gloss, this will help keep your colour and shine for longer. To retain the hair’s condition, your colour expert could also add the Smartbond treatment to your glaze/gloss application. This will keep your hair strong while providing optimum conditioning for the hair.

Shu Uemura Hair Care Products

To keep your colour looking as fresh as the day of your application, use the Shu Uemura Color Lustre collection as your at home hair care routine. Sulphate free and infused with musk rose oil, Shu Uemura Color Lustre is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A and goji berry extract to protect hair from oxidation and colour fading. The Shu Uemura Color Lustre collection balances the scalp while providing nourishment to both natural and colour treated hair.

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Steven  also recommends the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Overnight Serum. Its advanced night care for dry to very dry hair.  Apply Shu Uemura Overnight Serum to mid-lengths and ends to provide softness, manageability, nourishment and a glow to the hair, while protecting locks from frizz (caused by dry hair). Enriched with Red Camellia oil, the overnight serum is full of anti-oxidants and will provide nourishment from within, perfect for ensuring your hair is in tip-top condition showing the best of your colour.

Shu Uemura Night Serum

Shu Uemura Overnight Serum

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