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The hair experts at Paul Edmonds London in Battersea and Knightsbridge are known for great cuts, styling and recommending ways to style your locks. Read more to find out one of the biggest trends set for spring and summer 2019.

Hair Scarves

Hair scarfs are traditionally worn on the beach and are a summer essential. However, 2019 sees this look hitting the cities as an everyday wardrobe staple. Hair scarves are extremely versatile as they can be worn in a number of different ways, from around the hair, woven into braids or tied around a ponytail. Lizzie, Senior Stylist at Paul Edmonds London has recommended which look will look fab for you and your hair type.

If you have long hair, the hair scarf style for you is to braid your scarf (made from any fabric) into your hair. To do this, tie your hair back with the scarf, as you would a hand band. To braid into the hair, including the hair scarf with the three sections of hair that you take to create a braid. When you reach the end of your braiding, use a small elastic (either clear or to match your hair colour) and secure the ends of your hair (including the end of your scarf). To switch up your look, you could leave the scarf free-flowing, if it’s longer than your natural locks.


For mid-length hair, high buns are always a chic look. To style this look at home brush all of your hair towards the top of your head, allowing any fly aways to naturally drop as you gather your hair together. To secure, take a hair band, the same colour as your hair and tie around. (top tip, if you would like to release your hair later, without any kinks which may have been formed from the hair band, secure your bun with bobby pins only, this will allow you to take your style from day to night!) Once your bun is in place, on top of your head, take your scarf and wrap around. To secure, you can either place each end of your scarf into the hair band or tie the ends into a bow at either the front of your bun, or the back.


For short hair, scarfs look great wrapped around the head. This look can either be worn wrapped around the head with your hair tied up (into a bun or short high ponytail) or placed around the head, resting on your forehead and tied into a bow at either the front, back or sides. This is such a simple but chic and casual look!



Headbands are an absolute classic and can be worn casually or glammed up for an event. Headbands are widely available in many colours, fabrics and with embellishments to really show your own style. Lizzie recommends wearing headbands in the following ways…

If you have a fringe, headbands are great to wear behind the bangs. Headbands worn in this way are great to match with your outfit or for an occasion.


Using the headband to slick back your locks is fashionable but also super practical if you like wearing your hair pulled back from your face. Wearing a headband in this way suits any length and is widely known as the classic way to wear your headband.


If you wear your hair in a middle parting for a chic look, wear your headband over the top of your middle parting. This adds a little something to your look!


Hair Jewellery

Wearing hair jewellery is another way that you can add hair accessories to your look. Ranging from clips to gems to pearls, Lizzie has recommended how to wear each of these for an on-trend look.

Any hair length or style can suit super straight bling clips/ slides. These can be worn either in the middle of one side of your head, or alternatively as a purpose to clip back your hair behind your ear. These sparkly accessories are great for glamming up a plain outfit, either casual or for an occasion.


Many clients love the half up, half down look. It’s easy to wear, looks chic and pulls your hair back from your face. To add another element to this look, you can add a piece of hair jewellery to the back, where you secure the original half up, half down look with band. Wearing your hair jewellery in this way adds a little something to both a done and undone look.


A simple but elegant look for adding hair jewellery to your style is too place hair gems into a braid. Lizzie says ‘to wear this look, you can wear any style of braid. It works well on classic, dutch or fishtail.’ The hair styling team at Paul Edmonds London can apply these for you or for a last minute look, they are widely available for you to pop on yourself at home to add a bit of sparkle to your braid.


A modern twist to adding hair jewellery is to place pearls along your parting. These can either be placed on a centre or side parting. The hair experts at Paul Edmonds London can apply these to your parting using the same glue type that’s used for extensions for a hold that lasts. This is a great look for an event, festival or if you just want to make a statement! Don’t worry, the team will show you how to remove them safely.


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Lizzie, Senior Stylist at Paul Edmonds London is a lover of hair accessories herself and is great at securing them in all hair styles.

Senior Stylist

Lizzie, Paul Edmonds London Senior Stylist

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