The Next Big Trend – The Coupe

Paul Edmonds international hair stylist to the likes of Sam Smith, Emma Thompson, Mary Charteris and Bip Ling,  tips The Coupe as the trend to watch for 2015. The Coupe is a modern version of the bob that first shouted its independence in the 1920s, today’s version has been updated for this generation of Girl Power Brokers.

Today this look is all about texture, easy hair, movement and great quality shine and finish allowing you to show off your colour. This cut has been pioneered by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Paul’s client when-shes-in-the-uk  Margot Robbie. This empowering look is gaining momentum state side and is soon to blow up on the British shores.

jennifer-lawrence The CoupeSo how is the look created? First by blunt cutting the hair then internally cutting inverted layers throughout the haircut or through the under layers of the hair. This gives an airy versatility to the hair with looks that can be created and styled easily at home. The Coupe works best on shoulder length hair and above, when you like the idea of one length but not the heaviness or solidity.

The kind of woman the rocks The Coupe is the kind that longs for versatility, versatility matters to you as much as your hair condition, personality and lifestyle, its different from the more texture look of the recent LOB, it has more hold and glamour.