Autumn Hair Colour | A/W 2018 Hair Colour at Paul Edmonds London

Paul Edmonds London are the best hair colourists in London. Our colour technicians are renowned for their colour expertise at our Knightsbridge and Battersea Power Station hair and beauty salons.

Hair Colour for Autumn

As we embark on the new autumn season, the light changes from the summer sun, our tans fade and so does our hair colour. Your hair may lack vibrancy and shine, generally making your locks look lacklustre and dull. Claire Lodge, head of technical at Paul Edmonds London explains that “your sun-kissed  colour from summer will look different after the oxidative effects from the sun and holiday/summer environment (sea, sand, body products etc).  Blondes can look brassy as UV will have oxidised your hair colour, pronouncing a more gold/orange/red hue while brunettes can come across more bronze/orange coupled with dryness and faded colour”.

If you have had Balayage what might happen

If you have had a balayage technique applied, that natural flawless looking blend and face frame, can look lifted and stressed in the areas where colour has been applied, if your balayage has a more ombre look (lighter ends), the ends of your hair can also feel more compromised than the root.

Get luxurious hair colour in Autumn

We are not all gifted with perfect hair into the autumn season and so this might not be a problem – but if you think about it generally your hair colour may have a more golden tone but the brightness and the blue skies of the summer sun will give your colour a much brighter and ashier tone, due to the blue end of the light spectrum.  As the days get shorter and the evenings get longer, our light reflects more of the red end of the light spectrum, which means that any post summer oxidative (remember) orange/gold tones will be applified in this light. Cloudy/grey light is more to the pink-end of the light spectrum so your hair colour can do two things depending on its base colour it can either look more brassy/red or it can look flat and lacklustre than it actually is. Even copper colours that were once vibrant in the summer sun look will look faded in the grey autumn/winter light.

How to revive hair colour in Autumn

So reviving your hair colour is key, and often that isn’t about a major recolour – you just need a simple glaze or a treatment that can add the coating the hair follicle needs in order to “reflect” the pink to grey light colour.  A Colour Glaze or a Gloss treatment can (for a quick and relatively inexpensive in salon Paul Edmonds London colour service) transform your hair immediately, depositing the much needed counter acting to UV light colour to the hair and sealing the hair with reflects that give the hair shine and luminosity.

Another option is to intermix your hair colour with a colour technique rather than completely restarting your hair colour from scratch or going for a big colour service.  The Balayage technique is a great way to bespoke and added pieces of richer tones to the existing hair colour.  Tones that sit either side of your existing post summer colour, adding extra dimension and depth, again without having to really start your colour from scratch.

Coffee Balayage for Autumn

Steven, Creative Colour Director at Paul Edmonds London told Stylist earlier in the year, all about the new trend of Coffee Balayage, the technique designed ‘for brunettes to create a multi-tonal and textured look’, is a great example of shifting your brunette post summer colour by updating and adding extra tones. The autumn is the perfect time of year to refresh with the Coffee Balayage look, it’s gentle enough for post-summer locks and can create ultimate shine and glossiness while oozing autumnal warmth and colour, inter twining shades of colour to your existing colour to create textured blended look, its ideal for brunettes.

Platinum Blonde for Autumn

For you blondes, you can go one of two ways. You can either warm up your look with golden tones, this will amplify the golds of the colour spectrum of autumn light or you can counter that effect by opting for more icy blonde tones giving a crisp platinum blonde look.  As the days are shorter, the dusk light is more prominent and your nights are spent inside so don’t be afraid to experiment with the ample tones of blonde.

Also if your platinum blonde is looking brassy you should opt for Shu Uemuras color lustre blond froid conditioner.

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Blond Froid (cool blonde)


A rich post-shampoo treatment designed to refresh blonde platinum tones. Shu Uemura Color Lustre Blond Froid works best for icy blondes who want to get rid of unwanted warmth Enriched with Linseed oil, the nourishing balm hydrates hair keeping it looking in great condition and amazing shine.

As with everything, when it comes to getting your colour done, we like to get it right the first time at Paul Edmonds London – after all, we are one of London’s top colour salons, with the industry’s best experts. It important to ensure you have the very best consultation as part of your decision making process.

Your Colour Appointment

At Paul Edmonds London each hair and beauty appointment is tailored specifically to you. Before your colour change you will have a detailed colour consultation with your colour expert team member where you will discuss the look to want to achieve. You will also discuss your lifestyle choices to ensure the look you want is realistic in your everyday life. For example, if you prefer low maintenance styling and hair care, choosing highlights where you may have to come into the salon every 6-8 weeks may not suit you. Whichever look you prefer, our team of dedicated colouring experts will create a look with you, for you.

Here’s a few of our favourite autumnal colours created at Paul Edmonds London, we hope you like them as much as we do !

Shop The Look

As Shu Uemura ambassadors & home to their flagship salon, we have a fully equipped online shop for all your hair and beauty needs! For vibrant, healthy locks that will look incredible this autumn, shop Shu Uemura Colour Lustre. This shampoo, conditioner, treatment and thermo milk has been designed specifically for coloured  hair.

Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Shampoo

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Shampoo

Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Shampoo £27.00, containing Goji berry and Musk rose oil it will protect your colour and reduce fading.

Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Treatment Masque

Treatment for coloured hair

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Treatment Masque £45.00, contain more concentrated amounts of Goji Berry and Musk Rose Oil, this will add further hydration and shine and give ultimate colour protection to your hair.

Why you should book with Paul Edmonds London for your colour

Having Marie Claire’s Best Hair Colourist, Jack Howard to Taylor – L’Oreal Colour Trophy Rising Star winner 2018, Paul Edmonds is home to some of the best hair colour specialists in London. Our Colour experts are also L’Oreal colour degree specialists (which is the highest industry technical level recognition of colour techniques and mixology) At Paul Edmonds London we can ensure your hair colour reaches the look you want.

Celebrity Hair Colourists

As well as our expert team members in our luxury salons, we are known for working with A-List celebrities, as well as creating hair colour changes in film and TV. To name a few, Keely Hawkes (hair by Zoe) starring in BBC’s hit The Bodyguard, Margot Robbie (hair by Tracey) for Tarzan and Michelle Keegan (hair by Vernon) for Tina & Bobby.

Book The Look

If your locks are in some serious need of refreshing for the seasonal change, then get in touch and request a hair colour consultation at the best hair colour salon in London. Check out the team of hair colour experts at  Paul Edmonds below. The colour department consists of various different levels to cater to all your hair colouring needs!

Clare Lodge- Head of Colour

Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds

Charlotte Lewis- Artistic Colour Director

Salma Ghadiali- Artistic Colour Director

Alison Imber- Creative Colour Director

Steven Kamara- Creative Colour Director

Tracey Patterson- Creative Colour Director

Vernon Deysel- Creative Colour Director

Julie Harper- Senior Technician

Alex Oliveira- Colour Technician

Taylor Spicer- Colour Technician

Battersea Power Station

Paul Edmonds London colour department