Waxing & Threading

Your Paul Edmonds beauty specialist will advise on the best technique for hair removal to suit your individual needs.

We use premium hot wax and strip wax products for an easier, less painful experience and optimum results on hair as short as 1mm.

Threading is available for the face.

We also offer waxing specifically for men. Please visit Men’s Grooming.

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Lip15 mins15
Chin15 mins15
Lip and Chin30 mins25
Face30 mins65
Nose15 mins15
Ear15 mins15
Jaw Line15 mins20
Underarm15 mins25
Half Arm15 minsHot wax 30; strip wax 25
Full Arm30 minsHot wax 45; strip wax 40
Half Leg15 minsHot wax 35; strip wax 30
Upper Half Leg30 minsHot wax 45; strip wax 40
Full Leg30 – 40 minsHot wax 60; strip wax 50
Bikini, Hollywood30 mins55
Bikini, Brazilian30 mins45
Bikini, High15 minsHot wax 30; strip wax 25
Bikini, Tidy Up15 minsHot wax 30; strip wax 25
Toes15 mins15
Buttocks30 mins50


Lip15 mins15
Sides15 mins15
Forehead15 mins15
Full Face45 mins55