Afro Hair Services

Afro hair is so often misunderstood, but at Paul Edmonds we can help you manage and care for it properly. Paul has significant experience working with afro hair and has taught many afro hair specialists in his time.

We offer every client a thorough consultation so that we can discuss your desired style and any treatments that would benefit your hair’s condition. Your experienced stylist will help you maintain or transition your look – without compromising your natural hair’s health and vitality. Book your treatment at our Battersea or Knightsbridge salons today.

Read more about our approach to caring for afro hair on the Paul Edmonds blog.

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Curly Hair

Keep your hair looking its natural, glossy best with a tailored hair repair treatment, cut and blow dry.

Our stylists are well versed in the latest techniques and products designed for curl types from 1B to 5 and every afro specialist is mentored by Paul himself – so you can rest assured that your hair is in great hands.

Hair Straightening

If smooth and sleek is what you’re aiming for, a hair straightener or relaxer treatment will keep curls and frizz at bay for up to six months.

Our specialists have a wealth of experience when it comes to caring for afro hair. They are perfectly placed to recommend the right straightening treatment for you and to create a treatment plan to ensure that the effects last as long as possible.


A weave can transform your look, adding luscious body, thickness and length.

Once your hair has been tightly braided, your expert stylist will sew sections of colour-matched hair close to your scalp. Your extensions can be tinted to blend perfectly with your natural colouring, or you could take the opportunity for a complete colour change!
If you like to wear your hair up, a weave may not be the right choice for you – please ask your stylist for advice.

Weaves are priced based on the number of sections required, any tinting or colour change, application time, cut and finish.



Afro Hair Services
Cut 80
Cut and Blow-dry 120
Blow-dry only 80
Natural Blow-dry 100
Extension Blow-dry 100
Relax only from 110
Relax and Blow-dry 140
Relax, Cut and Blow-dry 180
Style only 40
Tong only 120
Corn Rows (full head) 150
Weave (full head) 350
Weave (per row) 30
Weave Bonding (per row) 20
Weave Removal 50
Weave Tightening 50
Hairline Veg Colour 35
Perm / Body Wave 280