Slip was born when acne sufferer and company co-founder, Fiona Stewart, was prescribed a silk pillowcase by her dermatologist. She fell in love with the results and the rest is history! Slip products are made with slipsilk™ — a specially commissioned silk which has been developed and refined over the last ten years. Their mantra is ‘beauty, not bedding’ because, like us, they believe products can be caring in more ways than one.

Uncover the beauty benefits of slipsilk

Sleeping on slipsilk isn’t just a luxury; it’s also a wonderful way to care for yourself. It’s less absorbent than cotton, so your skin and hair care products stay where they’re needed. Because it has 43% less friction, slipsilk helps avoid hair breakage and preserves styles for longer. Your face glides more smoothly over pure silk, stopping sleep creases caused by pressure and friction.

Slip products at Paul Edmonds London

Slip and Paul Edmonds are perfect bedfellows. Slip is a leading brand with a real passion for silk, which reflects in the stunning quality of their products. We think this is what makes it such an exciting product range for our clients. Slip has the power to elevate the skin and hair care edit already available at Paul Edmonds London — their pillowcases also keep salon styles looking lovely for longer!

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