Minimalism meets maximum performance

Internationally acclaimed celebrity hairstylist Wendy Iles developed Iles Formula as a private remedy for her clients' 'tortured' hair. It instantly transforms all hair types into the signature Iles Formula finish; sumptuous, lustrous and nurtured hair that takes your breath away. She released the 3-step system at the insistence of her celebrity clients, turning it into the multi-award-winning collection you see here today.

A certified ‘Brand to Trust’

Iles Formula is a certified ‘Brand to Trust’ and has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by sustainability platform Positive Luxury. Iles Formula products use responsibly sourced, clean, raw ingredients and come packaged in recyclable containers. Iles Formula is a cruelty-free, vegan hair care range, so even the most ethically conscious haircare lover can indulge.


The alignment between Iles Formula UK and Paul Edmonds London speaks for itself. Both brands were born from the film, fashion, and TV industries. Both are motivated by a desire to visibly nourish the hair with a gentle, natural approach. Iles Formula sustainable hair care products nurture the hair just as much as they nurture the environment, and we know our clients will adore the phenomenal results.