Heliocare products are developed by renowned dermatology company, Cantabria Labs. They’re a family-run business who act according to their philosophy: ‘celebrate life’. Not only do they provide natural ways for you to improve and protect your skin, they also actively work towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices in all they do.

Essential defence against sun damage

Sun damage harms your health and your looks. Exposure to harmful rays causes UV damage to skin, like reduced elasticity and even cancer-causing mutations in your cells. Heliocare protects you from burning under UVB rays and aging prematurely under UVA rays or the infrared-A in everyday visible light.

Intelligent ingredients for ultimate care

Boost your skin health with Heliocare’s exclusive supercharged antioxidant, Fernblock. It uses natural plant power alongside DNA repairing enzymes to defend your skin from within. You’ll also find Fernblock in Heliocare 360° oral supplements, so you can get your daily dose of Vitamin D without worrying about causing sun damage to skin.

Heliocare at Paul Edmonds London

Paul Edmonds London is known for results-driven skincare and holistic wellbeing at all levels. We wanted to provide an SPF range which sits at the forefront of scientific innovation. Protection against sun damage to skin is the best anti aging remedy, and we think these products provide that essential daily defence.

Heliocare at Paul Edmonds