Organic Colour

What is it?

Organic Hair Colour treatments are designed especially for those who follow a specific lifestyle, such as vegetarians or vegans. For those who have hair sensitive to traditional colour treatments, such as permanent hair dyes, organic hair colour can also be the perfect way to achieve the hair colour you want without irritating your scalp.

Organic Hair Colour services at Paul Edmonds London are ethical and will deliver a lasting and vibrant hair color without damaging your hair. The vegan hair colour systems are sourced from organic farms using ingredients obtained from plants, flowers and herbs. The organic hair colour dyes are free of para-phenylenediamine (PDD), ammonia, peroxide, parabens or any other chemicals. 

Application and processing times for vegan/organic hair colour are longer than those for non-organic colour and we advise clients to ensure that they maintain their colour with sulphate free or organic aftercare products. Paul Edmonds London also have a range of Organic facials and skincare products.

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