Decree is a modern cosmeceutical skincare brand created by skin specialist and leading product formulation expert Dr AJ Sturnham. Using her 20 years of clinical practice as inspiration, Dr Sturnham developed an elegant, concise product line up that marries luxury and simplicity for truly transformative results.

A luxuriously simple skincare routine

Kiss complex skincare regimes goodbye! Decree’s succinct product line up delivers a therapeutic dose of active ingredients with every pump. The range is separated into Weekly and Daily protocols to encourage consistent use — the secret to your best skin.

The range

Decree is composed of 9 essential products calibrated to meet your natural tolerance while delivering maximum results across all skin types. Potent botanicals blend with proven skincare ingredients to create anti-ageing products suitable for individual use or together in one synergistic system.

PAUL EDMONDS - Authorised Decree retailer

Paul Edmonds has always aligned with results-driven products that give our clients unique benefits. Decree is undoubtedly one of these. Their streamlined range is easy to use, and their sustainable practises align perfectly with our ethos of care.

Holistic care is a core value at Paul Edmonds London and Decree products help us deliver by marrying perfectly with our in-clinic Decree facial. Our skin experts also recommend Decree for use alongside micro-needling, radio frequency, and aesthetic treatments.

Decree Range