Cire Trudon



Cire Trudon

The Trudon brand began in 1643, when founder Claude Trudon opened his Parisian spice and candle boutique on rue Saint-Honoré. In 1737 Jérôme Trudon purchased the Royal Wax Manufacture and they began supplying candles to the Imperial court of France. You'll find the same care and craftsmanship in Cire Trudon candles today.

Preserving biodiversity and the environment

The Cire Trudon motto (“Deo Regique Laborant”) is dedicated to the bees who provide the wax for their candles. Because of this, Cire Trudon supports the preservation of the Perche regional Nature Park and the protection of the European dark bee

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Paul Edmonds London and Cire Trudon are a match made in heaven. Both brands lavish beauty, care, and sensory indulgence on customers like you. The rich fragrances and beautifully crafted candles align perfectly with our spaces and brand.

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