About Viviscal Professional

Viviscal is the UK’s most clinically researched hair supplement brand. Backed by over 25 years of advanced hair science, their award-winning supplements nourish hair from within and promote existing growth. Viviscal Professional is a professional-strength formulation, making it an excellent first stage for anyone wanting to address thinning hair, fine hair, or hair loss. For the best results, combine your hair and skin supplements with a nutritious diet and daily self care.

Discover Viviscal's exclusive marine complex

Viviscal Professional nourishes hair using an advanced formulation of key nutrients, including Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin, and Iron. The star ingredient is AminoMar® — a rich marine protein complex that can’t be found in any other supplement. Viviscal Professional contains three times more AminoMar® than their standard products and has been found to promote a healthy hair growth cycle.

Paul Edmonds

authorised Viviscal Professional UK retailer

Paul Edmonds has always aligned with quality products that get results — the kind you can see, feel, and enjoy. That’s why we’ve packaged the Viviscal Professional programme alongside a combination of products to help you address hair loss, hair thinning, and reduction in skin density and elasticity. When you have well-nourished hair, skin and nails, your salon treatments look better and last longer. Just ask any of Viviscal’s celebrity fans!