What is Balayage?

The French word ‘balayage’ means to sweep or paint. This colouring approach is a highlighting technique where the hair dye is painted onto the hair to build soft contrast into the hair, and create a gradual gentle effect from root to tip.

Balayage can be used to achieve a natural, sun-kissed hair colour on a variations of hair types and styles, also allowing re-growth to look natural and unnoticeable. The idea behind balayage is to create a natural and multi-toned finish, using patches of lighter colour to create multiple dimensions of colour.

When choosing balayage, your colourist will work with you to create a fresh, effortless look unique to the hair colour you want to achieve. It’s great if you’re looking for a refresh of colour without a new-you emerging from the hairdressers.

Colourist Balayage  Half Head Balayage Full Head Waving / Forme
Head of Colour  245 325
Creative Director 205 260 95
Artistic Director 180 225
Senior Technician 155 195
Technician 130 165
Jack Howard 315 425
Jack Howard Face Frame 180

What Types of Balayage Are There?

At Paul Edmonds, we offer a range of Balayage techniques that give different results on your hair. The techniques we offer at our Battersea and Knightsbridge salons are:

Classic Balayage

The typical balayage method, classic balayage, involves a natural looking result with root-to-tip application allowing the hair to refresh it’s colour without much change.

Creative Balayage

Creative balayage uses a similar method to the normal balayage application, with a different range of colour tones. This can create a more dramatic look for your hair, if simply lightening your current colour isn’t the style you’re after.

Micro Balayage

For a small change to your hair, try micro balayage. This technique takes small sections of hair, and adds soft natural highlights around the face. This is great if you want to add volume to your hair.

Californian Balayage

This element of balayage focuses on much heavier highlights than the classic balayage technique, with a more prominent root colour. The colour is more focused around fading from lighter to dark in a more striking tone. With a Californian Balayage, you’re able to keep your colour much longer, as it will last throughout the entire season, starting out heavy and grow out into a lived-in finish – therefore the upkeep is totally dependant on the look you’re going for.

How is Balayage Applied?

Balayage is applied using a freehand method, suitable for most hair types. You won’t be in the hairdressers as long as if you were having foil highlights for example, and the upkeep of the balayage hairstyle requires less maintenance.

How Long Does Balayage Take?

The depth of the balayage you choose can depend on the amount of time you’ll spend in the salon. Your colourist will want to understand exactly the colours you’re wanting to achieve, and depending on your natural hair colour, it may take longer for your colourist to lighten your hair to get to the ideal colour you want. We’d say book a few hours out in your calendar, and relax in the hands of Paul Edmonds very best colourists.

How is Balayage Different From Normal Hair Colouring?

For a typical hair colouring, foil is often used, or “block colour” is painted on to get you to the full head of colour you want to achieve. As balayage is painted on freehand, you’ll get a much more natural look, without the worry of “stripey colour” after your visit. Balayage is totally bespoke to you and your requirements, so you can have a unique and natural looking colour done by our colourists.

Does Balayage sound like the right colour choice for you? If so, get in touch with our salon today to book your appointment with one of our talented colourists!