Balayage & Shatush

What is Shatush? 
Shatush is a free-hand technique that involves backcombing sections of hair before colour is applied, so that only part of the hair is exposed. Similar to balayage, the result is a soft transition of colour from root to tip.

The French word ‘balayage’ means ‘sweep’ or ‘paint’. It’s a highlighting technique whereby dye is painted on to the hair to build soft contrasts and a gentle, graduated effect from root to tip.

Balayage can be used to achieve natural, sun-kissed results on any hair colour. Your colourist will use your hair’s natural fall and variations in tone to create a fresh, effortless look that is unique to you.

Balayage is applied freehand and is suitable for most hair types. It’s quicker than foil highlights and needs less maintenance, as your hair should grow out without any obvious lines. At Paul Edmonds, we offer four different techniques to achieve balayage:


Classic balayage is perfect for longer hair, where it can be used to create a variety of different looks. Colour is loaded onto the mid-lengths of each hair section, feathered up to the root and then spread down over the surface to saturate the ends. Think long, glossy and sun-kissed like a Victoria’s Secret model! You’ll need to come back every 8-10 weeks to maintain this effect.

Colour is loaded onto the middle of each hair section and the ends are saturated, but the product is only slightly feathered up the hair shaft. The result is a finish that appears more ‘lived-in’, with roots left natural. This is a great look for those with a darker base colour who are looking for a little brightness away from the root, or for those who prefer lower maintenance colour. This technique works for all lengths; come back after 10-16 weeks to keep things fresh.

A finer, more delicate application of colour all the way to the root. Micro balayage is useful if you’re looking for heavier colour coverage or transitioning from foil highlights. It works well in fringes, bobs and shorter hair and for guys who want to achieve a sun-kissed effect. Suits all hair colours; upkeep required every 8 weeks.

Soft at the root with heavier coverage through the mid-section and ends, Californian balayage is high maintenance but works well if you want to go blonde. We’ll build in root stretches and smudges to achieve your desired look, or combine classic balayage with ombre techniques to get the effect you’re looking for.



Shatush is not suitable for all hair types. Please discuss with your technician during your colour consultation.

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Head of Colour 250 330
Creative Director 220 280 95
Artistic Director 200 250
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Jack Howard 360 480
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