Looking for some festive hair inspiration? If you want to be on trend right now, it’s all about up-do’s.

“People tend to go for up-do’s during party season because it's weatherproof,” says creative director Siobhan Baynes, who has created lots of glamorous hair-up styles in the salon recently for clients going to black tie events.

The joy of a salon up-do is that you know it will stay in place all night long, Siobhan says: “Clients don’t have to worry about it. They know that when they leave, all they've got to do is their make-up.”

Unlike summery, loose waves, an updo is, “A bit more of a statement. Also, everyone's putting their hair up on Instagram.”

Siobhan loves working with clients to find their perfect celebrity-inspired style (so feel free to bring in a celebrity photo or social media example to your appointment), she just has one request for up-do’s: “Don't wash your hair. Because it's really hard to put hair up when it's freshly washed. It's difficult to smooth.”

Leave it unwashed for at least 24 hours before your appointment, she advises: “Ideally, it's two days old. The more oil I've got in the hair, within reason, the better.”

Here, Siobhan talks through five on-trend up-do’s, from easy DIY options to statement styles she loves to do in salon…

Half-up, half-down

Popular with fashion and beauty influencers, this wavy half-up, half-down style is accessorised with an oversized bow.

“You might think bows were for little girls, but that’s not the case now,” Siobhan says. “It looks a bit fancy. It’s normally a black or white bow, depending on the outfit.”

And you can easily find party-perfect silk, satin and velvet hair clips on the high street or online from brands like Urban Outfitters, Anisa Soika and Free People.

This style is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to have their ears on show.

“That's one of the first questions I ask when I do a consultation, 'Do you like your ears on show?'” Siobhan explains. “Because a lot of people don't. You can either pull the hair back above the ears or you can loop it down over the ears.”

This is a good option for beginners, she says: “You're essentially just waving the hair, pulling half back and making sure that your bow is in the middle at the back. But if you came into the salon and had a stylist do it, it's obviously going to look perfect.”

DIY difficulty: 2 out of 5

Low knotted bun

A festive take on a typically summery style, a low knotted bun is, Siobhan explains, “Actually quite a wedding hair vibe, but normally with wedding hair you’d put a bit more volume in it.”

This sleek yet laidback version is inspired by the ‘It’ girl of the moment, Siobhan says: “Hailey Bieber - we get a lot of pictures of her.”

And it’s possible to do even if you don’t have an A-list glam squad to hand: “Just comb it all through, put it into a little ponytail and then twist it round.”

You may need a bit of help to get that effortlessly messy look, however.

“You can see Hailey’s actually got pieces out, but she's tucked them in,” Siobhan explains. “I would say the majority of people coming in for hair-ups don't want to look too done.”

DIY difficulty: 2.5 out of 5

Low pony

Similar to the knotted bun, a low pony tends to be a bit more of a neat style.

“Because you've got movement of the head,” Siobhan says. “So if you start messy, you're going to end up with bits coming out, it's going to not look as clean.”

Suitable for a variety of different hair lengths, there are two options for how to style the loose tresses: “It's either got a wave or it's dead straight and super sleek - no one goes in between.”

Whichever way you go, make sure that your hair tie is hidden for a chic finish, Siobhan says: “I wouldn't have anything on show. Use a minimal hair bobble, and then pull the hair around and pin it underneath.”

DIY difficulty: 3.5 out of 5

High bun

As seen on sisters Khloe Kardisian and beauty icon Kylie Jenner, a high bun with two tendrils at the front is a massive trend at the moment.

“You could go sleek and up, which is easier for someone to do themselves, because you're essentially putting it up and then just twisting the hair around and pulling two pieces out,” Siobhan says, or a more undone version: “Creating a bun and pulling bits out and repinning them, a bit like Brigitte Bardot.”

Some people have their hair pulled back from the face while others opt for a parting like Kylie, which is more tricky, Siobhan says: “It's quite hard to section it and get it up with a parting if you're doing yourself. You really need someone to be behind doing that.”

A high bun is best for very long locks that fall at least past the collar bone, Siobhan says: “The longer the hair the better, because you've got more to twist around the bun.”

DIY difficulty: 4 out of 5

Classic high pony

Selling Sunset’s resident raven-haired beauty Bre Tiesi loves a high-shine high ponytail. 

“This is a big trend at the moment,” says Siobhan, who prefers a poker-straight pony.

“Normally, I'm straightening it through, making it shiny. I'll put serum and use a gloss wax through the ends. I don't do many high ponies with a wave - I feel like that's more of a daytime look.”

This look isn’t for shrinking violets, however: “It is your face on show, so you've got to really love your make-up and you've got to really be confident.”

A high ponytail may look simple, but when you’re working against gravity it can be very tricky to get right. 

“It's one of the hardest things to do,” Siobhan says. “You need to tip your head upside down to get the hair all going in that direction to start with.”

It’s not much easier for a pro stylist either, she adds: “I’m having to literally work from inside the hair to bring everything up so there are no ‘bubbles’ showing.”

DIY difficulty: 5 out of 5

Product picks: Up-do essentials

From texturising mist to super-smoothing oil, these versatile hair heroes will help you get the look at home.

Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist 

Add texture to hair to create messier looks or to add volume.

Davines Medium Hairspray

Eliminates frizz, adds structure and provides hold without leaving residue.

Davines OI Oil

Smooth away fly aways and make ends sleek and smooth, perfect for high or low ponytails.

However you’re celebrating this party season, we hope you have a fabulously festive time and enjoy creating your own perfect up-do.

If you’ve got a fancy festive event or New Year’s Eve party coming up, book an appointment at Paul Edmonds London, where one of our styling experts will craft the perfect up-do for your special occasion.