Combining the running of a busy salon and tending to A-list clientele with several consulting roles, Paul Edmonds has a lot of responsibilities to juggle.

But he loves his work, and even on the busiest days still finds time for catch-ups with his daughters and walks with his beloved pooch Lola - plus a spot of retail therapy if time allows.

Here, Paul talks us through a typical working day…


I wake up at around 7.30am most days. Coffee is my first priority, then my skincare routine, which always includes SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum - it's a cult classic for a reason - and the Brush on Block SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen. You can't stay young and beautiful forever but you can keep it for as long as possible, and that starts with sunscreen!

I live near the South Bank with my partner Yashar. I take our poodle Lola out for a walk and to play ball for half an hour, then my usual breakfast is peanut butter, banana and honey on toast.

Sometimes I'll have a video call with my eldest daughter Lucie who lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two kids. She'll be moving back to London this summer and I'm really looking forward to spending more time with her and the grandchildren.


If I'm heading to the salon I'll jump on the bus to Battersea Power Station and that's when my meetings start. I might be sitting down with reps from brands like L'Oreal Paris or Oway that we stock in the salon or catching up with our leadership team. Recently we've been talking to the Power Station management about collaborating with them on events.

Recently we’ve been talking to the Power Station management about collaborating with them on events


I'm chair of the government's hair and beauty apprenticeship board which means I occasionally have to go to the Houses of Parliament to give feedback on proposed changes to the scheme. For example, they're looking at adding another section to the apprenticeship for textured hair which has never been done before. The best route to becoming a hairdresser is still, I believe, an apprenticeship.

I'm also a member of Bafta, so starting in December every year I'm sent lots of films to watch and judge in terms of hair and make-up, and then TV shows in spring for the Bafta TV awards. This year my favourite film was Poor Things, I thought the hair was incredible. It had a kind of early 1900s fantasy look but exaggerated.

Around lunchtime, I'll quickly nip to Pret to grab an egg salad sandwich, an apple and another coffee.

Nip to Pret


In the afternoon I might have an appointment with one of our high-profile clients like Dame Maggie Smith, singer Becky Hill or actress Amy Jackson, but many celebrities I work with, such as pop star Sam Smith, prefer me to visit them at home or in their hotel suite. I'm going to New York in June so that's the next time I'll see Sam.

I’m going to New York in June


I'm really into fashion so If I've got some downtime I love shopping. My favourite brand is probably AMI Paris in Mayfair. I go there to have a browse and they love Lola as well. Everyone in the salon loves Lola too - and she loves being fussed over - so she gets lots of walks throughout the day.

Having worked on films for many years myself I'm in touch with a lot of make-up artists like Nadia Stacey who might call to chat about their latest project or ask for my advice. In the world of entertainment there are always lots of challenges to overcome!


If I'm heading out for dinner with friends it's often to Mount St Restaurant in Mayfair or I might head to my youngest daughter Naomi's home in Brixton for dinner with her and the kids.

At home, if I'm trying to be healthy I'll make a salad, but if I've had a busy day I'll indulge in a takeout from Rosa's Thai.

To wind down I love to watch architecture shows like Alan Cumming's Paradise Homes or one of the Bafta films or TV shows on my viewing list, then I'll catch up on social media and be in bed by 11pm


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