An icon remastered: discover new and improved Essence Absolue by Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue is a staple product here at Paul Edmonds London and our number 1 best-selling hair oil. We’re not surprised it’s so popular – the innovative formula is a favourite amongst our expert stylists, providing heat and UV protection, taming frizz and instantly hydrating our clients’ hair for softer, shinier and more manageable locks. 

Mr Shu Uemura created the very first cleansing oil in 1967 and later brought the concept to hair care. Now, more than 50 years later, the iconic hair oil has been remastered with new packaging, new precious ingredients and the same beloved fragrance across the range. 

Discover more about Essence Absolue’s 2023 upgrade.

Even more nourishment with red camellia oil

Even more nourishment with red camelia oil

The improved Essence Absolue range by Shu Uemura combines cutting-edge science with precious Japanese ingredients to transform your hair care routine. 

The fusion of red camellia seed oil, richly concentrated in oleic acid, is inspired by ancestral Japanese beauty rituals. The ancient practice of combing the hair with camellia oil for its moisturising and protective benefits, which are still highly sought-after today.

Sourced from the volcanic Toshima Island, cultivated and harvested by Japanese artisans, this luxury ingredient boasts high levels of protocatechuic acid. Essentially, it’s a super antioxidant, helping to prevent and reverse any signs of damage while taming the hair and leaving your locks super smooth and radiant.

Extending the iconic fragrance 

Extending the iconic fragrance

The beloved Essence Absolue fragrance comes from an interpretation of the precious camellia scent. In the past, only some of the products were infused with this iconic scent, but now you can enjoy it across the full range. 

The fresh top notes reveal light scents of grapefruit and green aqueous, subtle white flowers recreate the enigmatic camellia fragrance in the heart notes, and delicate vanilla combines with musk and heliotrope in the base notes for a sensual, long-lasting scent.

Luxury and eco-friendly packaging

Luxury and eco-friendly packaging

Practicing mindfulness towards Japanese nature, craftsmanship and resources, sustainability plays an important part in Shu Uemura’s product development. 

The Essence Absolue range embodies their commitment to “mottainai” – a Japanese term meaning “don’t waste what is valuable” – with an eco-friendly packaging upgrade. Providing a consistent look across the range, the sleek new bottles have been mindfully crafted from 95% recycled plastic. 

“Essence Absolue is an absolute staple in my hair kit. It’s a versatile product that can be used on wet hair, dry hair or as a treatment pre-wash. The UV protection also makes it a great all-in-one product for holidays. I don’t know what I’d do without it!”
– Matilda Marshall, Director at Paul Edmonds London

Shop the Essence Absolue line-up

Shop the Essence Absolue line-up

These versatile, day and night treatments are a great addition to the hair care routine of most hair types. They can be used as a heat protectant before styling, or as a smoothing and nourishing final step afterwards. 

Formulated for daily use to control frizz and leave your locks with an unparalleled softness and shine. There’s an Essence Absolute product for everyone – discover yours. 

Nourishing Protective Oil

An improvement on the original Essence Absolue hair oil, this newly formulated product is infused with red camellia oil from Japan – helping to protect the hair fibre against dryness, frizz, UV and heat damage while providing lightweight conditioning. Perfect for all hair types, you’ll enjoy instantly moisturised and more manageable locks.

Nourishing Overnight Serum

With this intense serum, you can nourish, moisturise and tame your hair overnight, waking up to soft and smooth locks that are easier to style in the mornings.   

Nourishing Universal Balm

This universal balm is a multi-use product designed for both hair and skin. Infused with the red camellia oil, it can be applied to damp hair for a shiny and tameable result, or on dry parts of the body like your hands and elbows for instant nourishment. 

Nourishing Oil-in-Cream

Back in stock, this rich oil-in-cream has a thicker consistency making it ideal for full, dry and curly hair. Nourishing and taming your unruly locks, you can enjoy instant shine and moisture, while protecting the hair against dryness, frizz, UV and heat damage. 

Find Shu Uemura’s new and improved Essence Absolue products at Paul Edmonds London

As the UK’s flagship ambassadors for Shu Uemura, we're always anticipating the latest new product launches. With its carefully crafted technology and indulgent Japanese ingredients, we’re really excited to bring our clients this new and improved Essence Absolue range.

“Essence Absolue really is an iconic product, and a firm favourite in our salon. Our stylists reach for it every single day to protect and smooth our clients’ hair, and the improvements in the formula have made a real difference. The eco-friendly packaging brings it closer in line with our own values, as we’re always looking for sustainable products that don’t compromise on results.”
– Paul Edmonds

You can find Shu Uemura's new and improved Essence Absolue products in our online shop and our salon. Speak to your stylist about the range at your next appointment.