From Marilyn Monroe to Margot Robbie, blonde hair has long been associated with beauty and femininity. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was described as having blonde hair, and over the years it’s become synonymous with some of the most iconic stars in history.

Achieving your perfect blonde

If you weren’t born with naturally fair hair, achieving your perfect shade of blonde can be a long, complicated process – and maintaining it can be even more challenging. But with the expertise of our colour specialists and the right products to hand, you can embrace the golden goddess look.

From pearlescent, platinum locks to warm, honey hues and everything in between – discover how to achieve your perfect shade of blonde with Paul Edmonds London. 


ow do we achieve blonde hair?

Successfully achieving the perfect blonde isn’t a straight-forward process, because it’s not just about adding colour. In most cases, it actually involves removing your natural pigment or altering your existing hair colour by lightening the hair before introducing new shades. 

The extent of pigment removal and underlying pigments will dictate the outcome, and can range dramatically from subtle blondes to striking, bright whites. The shade you’re trying to achieve and the underlying pigment of your hair will also significantly impact the subsequent maintenance afterwards.

The more colour removed from your natural base shade, the more vulnerable it may become to heat and other aggressors, so a little extra care needs to be taken.

Going blonde is a big commitment, and you need to be prepared for a potentially long journey towards achieving your ultimate hair goals. To discuss your options with an expert, book a consultation with our colour specialists for bespoke advice tailored to your specific hair type. 


Current blonde trends

With Greta Gerwig’s Barbie dominating the big screen this summer, requests for blonde hair are skyrocketing in the salon. These are some of our favourite ways to incorporate blonde into your look this season.

Scandinavian lights – Focusing on the front perimeter of the hair and adding some brightness to your complexion, these highlights mimic the bright hairline and baby hairs that natural blondes get in the summer months. 

Balayage – This lower maintenance, dimensional blonde with no heavy root deposit, maximises the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, while leaving the root area untouched (if you’re lucky enough to have no greys!)

Babylights – Similar to the Scandi trend, babylights use finer sections of highlights to add focus and dimension to areas of the hair that require a little extra detail, such as around the hairline.

Bronde – Creating the perfect fusion of blonde with brunette, we love using lightening techniques to lift sections of brown hair to create a bronde effect.



Our salon is home to some of the world’s leading hair stylists. Featuring the man who introduced balayage blonde to the UK, Jack Howard, our resident blonde expert, Tracey Patterson, and our full team of colour experts, we’re all here to provide an A-list experience and guide you towards your best ever blonde.

Highlights – Weaving blonde into your natural hair colour from the root to tip, this technique is designed to make you look like you were born blonde.

Scalp bleach – Applying pre-lightener to the scalp to ensure that every hair is covered and lifted, creating an all over blonde to icy white colour.

AirTouch – Using air rather than the traditional teasing and backcombing to soften the depth of the blonde and create a more seamless, natural looking lift to your colour.

Root smudging – For a more lived-in look, we apply a semi-permanent colour at the root to create a softer transition between your bleached blonde hair and natural colour.

Metal Detox treatment – The UK has particularly high deposits of metals in the water, which in extreme cases can cause hair to break under the oxidative process of colouring. This 10-minute treatment can be added on to your blonde service to remove any build-up of metals and reduce the risk of breakage. When used every few weeks, it also prevents the colour from dulling.


lthy blonde hair on holiday

Because bleached blonde and coloured hair is more porous, regular maintenance is really important for keeping it healthy and vibrant. Over time, all shades of blonde can change due to oxidation, sun exposure, heat styling and your hair’s porosity. And as a result, your colour can start to fade or the natural warmth can start to come through. 

Regular maintenance is not only beneficial for preserving your perfect colour, but also for improving your hair’s overall condition. And if you’re heading away on holiday, you’ll need to take a little extra care.

For a pre-holiday refresh, glaze formulas help to seal your cuticles, reducing porosity and enhancing shine. You could also opt for a toner or gloss service to help maintain your hair colour without altering its position, fullness or depth.

Speak to our blonde experts for your tailored maintenance programme.


Once you’ve achieved your perfect shade of blonde, it’s time to elevate your hair care regime with some of our favourite specialist products.

Shu Uemura Yubi Blonde

Infused with Japanese white peony to nourish and condition the hair for a brighter, healthier looking blonde. Ideal for removing warm tones and protecting naturally darker hair from further oxidisation.

Davines Alchemic Range

Colour enhancing shampoos and conditioners, designed to intensify and illuminate your blonde. Available in Silver to for icy platinum shades or Golden for those honey-hues.

Oway Hblonde Hair Bath

Improve the condition of your hair and maintain the glamour and brightness of your colour with this anti-yellow, customised hair programme for blonde, white and grey hair.

Kérastase CicaPlasme

Protect your blonde and control frizz with this treatment. Containing hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower to add moisture and provide ongoing protection against heat damage.

Kérastase CicaExtreme

Improve the condition of your hair and maintain the glamour and brightness of your colour with this anti-yellow, customised hair programme for blonde, white and grey hair.


Are you ready to start your journey to beautiful blonde hair? Book a colour service with our specialists, indulge in a nourishing treatment, or visit our online shop to maintain your blonde with the perfect hair care routine.