Detox Your Skin With CITY RADIANCE, a SkinCeuticals Facial exclusive to Paul Edmonds London

Paul Edmonds London, hair and beauty emporium and partner salon for cosmeceuticals industry leader SkinCeuticals has created the perfect detox for you city loving skin, exclusive to theHouse in our Knightsbridge salon. We are proud to bring you our Paul Edmonds City Radiance Facial, specifically designed to turn back time on your pollution, dust and hard water effect on the skin.

Who is it for?

This facial is ideal for anyone who needs a deep cleanse and exfoliation. It is excellent if you live in a city – not just London! – or have travelled a lot recently. It’s also superb at tackling early signs of ageing and also for uneven or sallow skin tones. Another benefit of this hard working multitasking facial is that it balances out the skins hydration and evens up moisture levels.

What kind of facial is it?

City living can have a major impact on your life.  No matter how well you eat or your genetics are you will always face the negative effect of the environment you live in on your skin.  “Free radicals” (which are another way of describing oxidation), slowly have a degenerating effect on the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin, cells are slowly destroyed and you begin to produce less collagen and hyaluronic acid which contributes to less elastic, dry and distressed skin.  Different forms of pollution, dust, smoking etc. have varying degrees of cellular degradation,  the City Radiance facial is the perfect medicine to help slow down and reverse the effects of the oxidation on the your skin and at the same time help protect you from future exposure.

Clients who have already had this exclusive treatment have described it as a combination of ‘luxurious’, ‘active’, ‘layered’ and ‘simply amazing’ combine this with your after care and you have a winning combination of skin regenerate and protection.

What Happens During the Facial?

First there is a double cleanse, this is important to ensure that old and solidified excess oils (that are created by the body as a result of the environment you live in) are removed in order for the next phase of the facial to be effective.

This is followed by a glycol and a lactic acid peel, which exfoliates the skin and helps to reactivate the skins ability to regenerate itself and produce healthy skin cells.  After this, the skin is steamed (if necessary) and a manual extraction is applied.

Then on goes the clay mask that is mixed with a special combination of anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid, this combination will balance the skins oil production, help calm and reduce pore size and allow the skin to infuse with the rich mixture of skin rejuvenating and protecting ingredients.  The hero product from Skinceuticals  – Metacell Renewal B3 is applied followed by a lymphatic drainage massage. Once this is completed the skin is given 15 mins of LED light treatment that is tailored to your skin type in order for you to obtain the maximum results from the City Radiance facial. The City Radiance Facial is finished off with high doses of Vitamin C, AOX Eye Gel, AOX Lip Complex and a good layer of Skinceuticals mineral SPF to protect the skin against the real world!

Time and Cost?

It takes 1hr 45 mins and costs £275

Follow Up?

This is an exceptionally powerful and active facial that delivers impressive results immediately. Gene and Sunita our Skin Experts will take you through your bespoke prescription of Skinceuticals products that they recommend for home routine to support and amplify the results.



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