How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat at Home?

We all love gorgeous, bouncy curls full of volume. They give you the kind of boho, effortless-chic vibe, which is bound to receive compliments. However, straight hair can often be challenging to curl as the hair structure tends to be on the finer side and prone to damage. Curls might also struggle to hold during the day if the length of the hair is weighing them down. 

Curl without heat

This is why having your waves or curls professionally styled by your favourite hairstylist is usually the preferred choice for those who want to enjoy perfectly-shaped curls for days. But visiting the hair salon is not always possible due to lack of time, last-minute invitations, or in situations outside of our control, such as the COVID-19 lockdown. Of course, curling your hair at home is possible but you need to be careful not to inflict damage, especially if your hair is thin, dry or has been coloured before. 

Paul Edmonds has over 25 years of experience in creating artistic and exciting hairstyles, which benefit the hair and keep it healthy and strong. In this blog, he reveals how to curl your hair without heat at home, and achieve two different hairstyles. Soft, romantic waves or bold and bouncy curls. 

What You’ll Need to Curl Hair Without Heat 

This no-heat curling method is really simple and you’ll only need:

  • 1. A thin scarf of about 1m length. The material should be absorbent, not silky.
  • 2. Alligator Clips

How to Prepare Your Hair for Curling 

Preparing your hair for curling is quite simple. You’ll need to ensure that your hair is clean and untangled and you’ll need to leave it slightly wet. 


First, start by washing your hair with Shu Uemura Muruto Volume Shampoo, which will gently cleanse the scalp and moisturise your hair. The formula, enriched with Himalayan crystal minerals is specially developed for fine and dry hair, helping to add texture and volume (which your curls will love). 

Next, condition the hair with Shu Uemura Muruto Volume Conditioner to purify and tone the hair. The rare depsea water ingredient will help add shine and provide a fuller finish. 

How to Curl Hair Without Heat at Home? | Paul Edmonds

Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Collection

If you don’t have time to do a full deep-cleansing hair ritual in the morning, you can prep the hair from the previous night with Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Overnight Serum, it will protect hair from frizzing and provide softness and manageability. 

Finally, ensure your hair is still slightly damp before you start the curling process, to help the curls form into the desired shape. 

Curling Your Hair Without Heat by Using a Scarf

Curling Your Hair Without Heat by Wrapping it Around the Scarf 

This is the first no-heat curling method, which will create tighter, bouncier curls and bigger volume. You can either do it early in the morning and spend the day with a scarf-accessorised hairdo as you wait for your curls to form or do it overnight and wake up with your curls ready. 

However, keep in mind that the scarf will need to be tied tightly around the hair, so it might be uncomfortable for sleeping. 

  1. 1. Start by placing the scarf on your head and securing it at the front with two crocodile clips. 
  2. 2. Split the hair into two even parts, and start working on the first part. 
  3. 3. Take 1cm section and wrap it around the scarf. Go above the scarf, then underneath. 
  4. 4. Each time you wrap around a section pick another piece of hair from underneath and wrap it around as well, essentially joining the two pieces together. 
  5. 5. Continue adding more and more hair until you slowly reach the back of the head. 
  6. 6. As you are starting to work on the back half of your hair you want to separate smaller sections than before, as the hair thickens. If you continue to work in 1cm sections, your curls will be uneven at the front and the back. 
  7. 7. When you’ve finished with half of your hair, turn the scarf around and clip to the top of the hair, using a crocodile clip. 
  8. 8. Repeat the same steps for the other side of the hair. 
  9. 9. When you’ve finished the two sections tie them together in a tight knot at the back of your head, and if needed, secure with clips. You want the scarf to be wrapped tight around the curls and on your head so the hair doesn’t come lose as you wait for it to dry. 
  10. 10. Wait for the entire day or overnight, then remove the scarf. 

Once you have the scarf removed you’ll see that your curls are big and very tight. Break them gently with your fingers to add volume and achieve a natural look. 

Curl at home

The voluminous, bouncy curls this method will give you perfectly complement the 70s-throwback trends and will certainly make you stand out!

Curling Your Hair Without Heat by Twisting it Around the Scarf 

You might find this curling method slightly harder but once you have completed the first few sections it should start flowing effortlessly.

This method will result in lighter waves, for a romantic, boho vibe.

1. Place the scarf on your head and securing it at the front with two crocodile clips. 
2. Split the hair into two even parts, and start working on the first part. 
3. Take a 1cm section, twist it forward and pass it over the scarf, then under the scarf.
4. Once you’ve taken it under, add another 1cm section to the first one, twist it forward, pass it over the scarf and then underneath. 
5. Repeat this until you reach the back of the hair. You want to be adding smaller sections at the back, and working slowly otherwise you risk having mismatched waves at the front and the back of your head. 
6. The ends are harder to secure around the scarf when using this method, so you’ll need to use a small hair tie to hold the hair to the scarf. Once you’ve done that, use an alligator clip to pin this part to the top of your head. 
7. Repeat this process for the second part. 
8. Tie the two finished sections together in a tight knot at the back of your head, and if needed, secure with clips. Make sure the curls are wrapped tightly around the scarf.
9. Wait for the entire day or overnight, then remove the scarf. 

    When you remove the scarf you will see very clearly defined waves. Brush your fingers through each curl individually, as this will help the hairstyle remain neat and classy.

    Neat and Classy

    For both methods, you don’t need any styling products, as you want to keep the curls soft and natural-looking. If you really want to finish off with a product for extra shine and to ensure there is no frizz, we recommend Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Hydro Texturising Mist, which will provide volume and weightless touch, adding extra shine to your perfect curls. 

    Which method do you prefer – big, statement curls full of volume, or cascading, lightweight waves? 

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