How To Transform Wet Hair Quickly

We’ve all had that moment. The moment you run out of time in the morning and face the possibility of leaving the house without doing your hair properly. Or that moment when you’ve been at the beach/by the pool and suddenly needed to look ‘holiday smart’ for lunch or drinks.

Jennie Manzi Director shares some excellent ways to go from rushed to Kim Kardashian sleek and some cool ‘messy’ styles.

1. When hair is wet, section into pony tail and twist round into a bun, secure tightly with a band or grips, sleek hair with bun.

2. A Sleek low pony tail (like a Kim Kardashian middle parting), with a soft brush apply serum and brush hair into a low ponytail, at the back secure with a band, and to disguise the band, take a small section from the pony tail and wrap around the band and secure with a Kirby grip.

3. Using a curl cream such as L’Oreal Professional Spiral Splendour, apply to hair and scrunch for a sea salt beach wave affect.

4. Side low bun – From wet side part your hair and bring hair round into a pony tail to the opposite side, secure and wrap round to create bun effect secure with grips.

5. Wet and Dry look – when wet apply L’Oreal Professional Tecni Art Fix Move Light Gel to the entire hair from root to mid length (this will keep the hair looking wet as it dries), the round dry the ends with a diffuser this will juxtapose the wet hair at the top to the dry at the end.

6. Finger waves – side part the hair, using a comb the hair down slowly drag the comb into zigzag shapes, in each zigzag take a long section clip and secure the shape, again each shape you need to secure with a section grip. Then let it dry, to fasten the process dry with a diffuser nozzle on the section air, making sure you don’t disrupt the sections.  Once dry, remove grips to reveal finger waves.

7. Classic French plait – taking three sections from the front of the hair, start plaiting and from each section you add in add hair into the section as you move and plait towards the crown to the nape of the neck, secure with a band.

8. Rope braid – take the hair to one side and section to two parts, twist each section around each other, creating a rope effect, secure with a band.

9. Wet side partings – short to medium hair lengths are great, apply L’Oreal Professional Wet Domination, part hair at the side and comb through and then spray with Shu Uemura Detail Master to fix and give shine.

10. Tribal look – create a high pony tail on the crown (no parting), secure with band (wrap hair around the band if desired) and then either do a fishtail plait or a normal plait, secure with another band two inches from the end of the hair and leave straight.

Jennie Manzi, Director at Paul Edmonds London


Jennie Manzi, Director at Paul Edmonds London

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