If you often worry about the condition of your hair, you’re not alone. According to research, damage is one of the top concerns among consumers, which is why bonding treatments have become hugely popular in the last few years.

However, at-home bond-building products such as Olaplex can sometimes cause more harm than good.

“They add protein to the hair and if that builds up it can make the hair brittle and easy to snap,” says Paul Edmonds.

“Post-lockdown we had lots of clients coming in with their hair breaking and because it was weaker they were putting on more bond-builder.”

That’s why Kérastase Premiere, the latest treatment from the cult French hair brand, is so revolutionary.

That’s why Kérastase Premiere, the latest ineral deposits that cling to the surface of hair treatment from the cult French hair brand, is so revolutionary.

“It's not just protein that you want with damaged hair - you want a few different things,” Paul says.

“I’ve tried the treatment and seen incredible results on even the most dull and damaged hair.”

Ten years in the making, the patented three-step process repairs damage caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.

“If you go over 180 degrees with styling tools you start breaking down the inner cortex of the hair,” Paul explains. 

“You notice this with people who tong their hair around the front using straightening irons - the hair starts to break. Colouring and UV are the other two main causes, they gradually break the hair down.”

If you want to restore your tresses to their naturally healthy and glossy state, this groundbreaking bond-builder might be the answer to your prayers.

Here, Paul explains everything you need to know about Kérastase Premiere…

How does Kérastase Premiere work? 

Unlike other bonding treatments, Kérastase Premiere starts with a pre-shampoo decalcifying step to remove the mineral deposits that cling to the surface of hair strands.

“One of the problems with damaged hair is that you get calcium build-up on the hair from water, especially in hard water areas like London,” Paul says.

“It then starts to work against the hair, disturbing the cuticle layer and stopping the hair from looking shiny and conditioned.”

Organic citric acid gently sweeps away the build-up, softening the hair and allowing the active ingredients in the next step to penetrate deeper.

“Inside the strand you've got a helix of peptides and proteins that are interlinked and sometimes they get damaged,” Paul explains.

“Glycine and peptides are very small molecules that go in and do the restructuring. They rebuild keratin bonds in the cortex to increase the inner strength. By the end of the process 99% of the hair’s original strength is restored.”

What is the treatment process?

In salon, the three-step Kérastase Premiere treatment starts at the backwash.

Paul says: “Before shampooing, we dampen the hair down, towel dry it and then apply the pre-shampoo treatment - that's the citric acid that's stripping away the calcium.”

Stripping the calcium

Next up is the decalcifying and repairing shampoo: “This opens up the cuticle and starts depositing the glycine and the peptides. After rinsing we apply the concentrate and that completes the repairing process.”

Concentrate that completes the process

Alternatively, Kérastase Premiere can be incorporated as part of the colouring process, helping to counteract the drying effects of lightening products.

Each step takes about five minutes. There’s also an optional anti-breakage hair filler mask and a range of at-home products to keep your hair feeling stronger for longer.

Leaving hair stronger for longer

Which hair types will benefit from Kérastase Premiere?

Because Kérastase Premiere is intended to repair damage, it works best on hair that is showing signs of dullness and breakage.

“It will be brilliant on bleached or highlighted hair,” Paul says. 

“If you've got bleached hair, the cuticle gets raised and the strands become more porous. The treatment will go in and it will fill up those gaps.”

That’s where incorporating the process into a colour appointment will work wonders: “You can do it in between toning the hair, which is great because it will prevent the uneven tone that can happen when hair strands are at different porosities.”

Paul also recommends Kérastase Premiere alongside balayage colour: “Where you've got hair that's lighter on the ends or damage where the balayage has been done, which tends to be on longer hair, it's going to be excellent. Because once long hair starts to get damaged at the ends it starts fraying up the hair shaft.”

A strong choice for damaged hair

Ushering in the next generation of bond-building products, Kérastase Premiere will set you on the fast track to hair heaven.

Try the innovative treatment and discover how the unique blend of highly effective ingredients can take your tresses from dry and damaged to strong and shiny.

Book your next colour appointment or a Kérastase Premiere treatment with one of the team at Paul Edmonds London.