Healthy, Strong and Long Lasting Nails | Bio Sculpture at Paul Edmonds London

Are you looking for gel nails that last? And by lasting, meaning more than three weeks? If yes, Bio Sculpture is your saviour! Bio Sculpture uses the latest technology in gel nails with actual gel compared to a soft gel as seen in varnishes such as Essie and Jessica. Compared to these fantastic nail looks Bio Sculpture does not chip, it will simply last until you either grow the colour out or until you come back and see us and we can easily soak it off for you. Bio Sculpture is non-damaging, it’s less toxic and it’s oxidising to allow your nails to breathe naturally. Bio Sculpture will fight against the pool, beach and ocean making it the perfect long-lasting manicure for your summer!

What is Bio Sculpture Gel?

Bio Sculpture gel is a complete 360 product, that offers long-lasting colour that also helps to strengthen, condition and promote the growth of nails due to its specialised formulation. It is applied to the natural, tip or gel extension to leave the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy or high shine finish.

Paul Edmonds London hair and beauty salons are happy to share with you that Bio Sculpture is completely vegan, non-toxic and is not tested on animals.

Bio Sculpture The Prep

The hands are cleaned to start off with, this will ensure the gel will apply evenly. It also feels great! You are then asked for your preferred nail shape and our experts will file, shape and buff your nails but only as much as is needed, there is no over buffing involved, meaning no damage!

Once your nails are prepped to perfection, cuticle work is carried out to allow for a smooth and even gel application.

Bio Sculpture provides beautiful nails with benefits. As it’s applied as an overlay onto natural nails, the flexible coating moves with the nail protecting them whilst allowing them to grow without breaking. Each Bio Sculpture colour has been specially blended using the natural ability of plant and fruit extracts to deliver essential nutrients to rejuvenate the health and beauty of nails.

Bio Sculpture The Colour

At Paul Edmonds London salons our nail bars features a huge selection of colours that are available all year round. We also have access to the very latest colour releases available immediately to our Knightsbridge and Battersea Power Station salons. The permanent colour gel from Bio Sculpture is strong and flexible with a chip-free glossy finish that lasts up to 3+ weeks!

If you are unsure of the colour, our expert nail technicians will colour test against your skin tone to allow you to see which colour you prefer.

Bio Sculpture The Gel 

To begin the EVO BIO oxidising base cote is applied. This will ensure the nail can breathe naturally underneath the Bio Sculpture. At Paul Edmonds London we do what’s best for you. Naturally, we would apply 1 coat of base coat however if our expert nail technicians believe you need a little extra strength due to weaker nails, we will apply 2 layers to protect and ensure your nails last!

The Bio Sculpture gel is applied with either a flat or round Bio Sculpture brush. This allows the colour to be applied smoothly and evenly. When adding the colour we will assess how many coats we believe you need. Naturally, our nail technicians will apply 2 coats however depending on the colour and if you want a brighter nail, 3 coats will be applied.

Once the colour is added a topcoat is applied to ensure you have our Paul Edmonds shine. Our experts will then double-check your nails and file off any excess gel or rough edges.

Bio Sculpture The Maintenance

When you have your nails manied and pedied at Paul Edmonds London salons, the next time you come, you will receive a complimentary soak off, when you have your gels re-applied.

We can make your nails look fabulous in salon however you need to look after them at home to ensure they last. Keep nails and hands moisturised with the signature Paul Edmonds London hand washes and lotions, available in three luxurious fragrances.

The Paul Edmonds London hand washes and lotions are specially formulated to provide care and nourishment to your hands and nails. Enriched with vital vitamins and minerals that hands and nails need to be the best they can be, shop your favourite fragrance online or in the salon today. To read more about our signature collections click here

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