Say goodbye to dandruff with new Kérastase Symbiose

Dandruff can have a big impact on your self-confidence and wellbeing. Whether you have a dry, sensitive scalp or greasy and oily roots – anyone can experience the frustration of flaky skin, and you're not alone if you're feeling a little embarrassed by it.

At Paul Edmonds London, we understand that hair health and scalp health are deeply connected. That's why we work tirelessly to bring you products that are developed with your scalp in mind, and we're excited to share the new anti-dandruff range by one of our favourite haircare brands, Kérastase.

Say Goodbye

Formulated to care for dry, oily and sensitive scalps, Kérastase Symbiose provides long-lasting protection against dandruff. Infusing three active ingredients within the luxurious formulas we love, the products focus on reducing visible flakes, preventing them reappearing, and replenishing your hair for healthier-looking locks.

Are you ready to say goodbye to dandruff? Discover how…

Are you ready to say goodbye to dandruff?

What is dandruff and how is it caused?

Dandruff is a common condition that causes the skin on the scalp to shed and flake off. Ever noticed those little flecks of white in your hairbrush or on your shoulders? That's dandruff.

It's nothing to worry about, but it can be a little itchy, embarrassing and difficult to treat without the right products. But why does it happen? Well, dandruff is primarily caused by a change in the skin's renewal cycle. Let's explain…

Cellular renewal cycle

This is the repetitive process where your living skin cells gradually move up to the top layer of the skin, then die and shed off to reveal more radiant, younger-looking skin underneath.

Lots of factors can influence the speed at which your skin renews, but one of the most common is a microorganism called Malassezia.

Malassezia is completely normal and lives on all scalps, feeding on the oils. Unfortunately, some people's bodies feel attacked by it, and speed up the skin's renewal process to compensate – leaving you with a build-up of excess dead skin cells. Or in other words – dandruff.

Who can get dandruff?

Who can get dandruff?

Even though it might feel like you're the only one with this problem, dandruff is actually one of the most common scalp concerns. With 5.2 million women in the UK experiencing unwanted dandruff flakes – that's 21% of the female population – you're not alone. We promise.

Almost anyone can get dandruff, and it's even more common in men, but there are a few factors that might make you more susceptible – including your age, lifestyle and certain illnesses.

What's the difference between dry dandruff and oily dandruff?

You might think dandruff only occurs in people with dry, itchy or sensitive skin. While they definitely can suffer from a flaky scalp, it can happen to anyone. People with oily skin certainly aren't immune – in fact, due to excess sebum production, you might even be more prone to dandruff.

Dry dandruff hair

This type of dandruff is often connected with itching and redness. It can be aggravated by colder weather conditions, irritations from harsh products, and other environmental aggressors.

Oily dandruff hair

This type of dandruff can be thicker, stickier and more oily, with flakes collecting to form yellowy scales on your scalp.

How can I treat dandruff?

How can I treat dandruff?

We know there's a clear link between hair health and scalp health here at Paul Edmonds London, and diagnosing specific concerns like dandruff is a huge part of the service we provide.

We begin every appointment with a thorough consultation so we can fully understand what's going on with your hair – and that's why we're the best London hair salon and the perfect place to kickstart your dandruff treatment.

With the new Kérastase Symbiose collection, you can say goodbye to dandruff from the comfort of your home. By swapping out your usual haircare products for these specially designed formulas, you'll see a visible reduction in your dandruff in just a few short weeks.

Discover the full Kérastase Symbiose range

Discover the full range

Micro-Exfoliating Cellular Treatment

Ideal for sensitive scalps, this dandruff treatment provides gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the scalp. With its soft gel cream texture, it's unlike traditional grainy scrubs that can be harsh on sensitive skin.

Moisturising Anti-Dandruff Cellular Shampoo

Formulated for dry, sensitive scalps prone to dandruff, this shampoo is formulated with piroctone olamine to treat the causes of dandruff, helping to reduce yeast proliferation and slow down cellular renewal speed.

Purifying Anti-Dandruff Cellular Shampoo

Designed for sensitive yet oily scalps, this breathable shampoo removes dandruff while balancing oil levels to prevent oil build-up.

Detangling Soothing Cellular Conditioner

Formulated with salicylic acid for a breathable scalp, this silicone-free, detangling and soothing conditioner goes easy on sensitive skin.

Intense Revitalising Mask

An ultra-caring formula for damaged hair with dandruff, this luxurious mask soothes discomfort and preserves the scalp's barrier, adding moisture and intense nourishment to the hair.

Intensive Anti-Dandruff Cellular Night Serum

With its high concentration of salicylic acid, bifidus and piroctone olamine, this serum is uniquely formulated to prolong and enhance the impact of the other products in the range. Renewing your scalp's health while you sleep, you'll be left with soothed skin and dandruff-free hair for longer.

Ready to tackle flaky skin and renew your scalp health? Book an appointment to kickstart your dandruff treatment, or shop the Kérastase range from our online store.